Friday, April 25, 2003

every couple of weeks, i'd hop over to moby's place and check out what else he has written in his journal.
i like reading his journal. it's very entertaining. his friend created a a new game and it sounds really interesting. maybe i'll try it out with my sister one of these days.
i'm not a moby fan or anything. in fact, i don't even have any of his albums. he does have some pretty cool music though ... but it's just not a genre that i'd buy a cd of.

actually, maybe i should. if only just to look normal.
to look hip and hap'nin.
my cd collection comprises mainly of original cast recordings, classical crossovers and the few swing cds that i manage to find.
my popular music collection?
lets see ...
* janet jackson - janet, velvet rope (aussie tour edition) & all for you
* oasis - heathen chemistry
* robbie williams - escapology
* bachelor girl - waiting for the day ... my copy doesn't have tracks 14 & 15 though :(
* ricky martin - vuelve (asian edition)
* christina aguilera - christina aguilera ... won this from the radio. didn't really want the cd. i wanted the trip. had to sing for it too! if anyone wants this, i'll trade.

... ermmm ... i think that's it.

sad selection ain't it?

Thursday, April 24, 2003


just adorable!

Does anyone want a puppy? My friend have some puppies and he's giving them away (for free ... I think). If you do, leave me your email and I'll tell you how to contact him. Or email me for his contact.

Wednesday, April 23, 2003

new CD

Woo hoo! Just won Russell Watson's Reprise CD from Light & Easy.
Missed the first cue earlier but got it the second time! YES!
Tried on Monday night as well except, my phone top-up was due so I couldn't make outside calls. :P

Hope it's good. I liked his first album. His second was so so. Hopefully this third will be better.

LOL ... my dad just called to check if that was her daughter he heard over the radio.

Hmmm ... who else could it be? I mean, how many people in Malaysia shares my name?

Actually, I wonder what other Malaysians who share my name are like. Just curious.

Monday, April 21, 2003


A woman was walking along the beach when she stumbled upon a bottle.She
picked it up and rubbed it, and lo-and-behold a Genie appeared. The amazed
woman asked if she got three wishes. The Genie said, "Nope, sorry
three-wish genies are a story-tale myth. I'm a one-wish genie. So...what'll
it be?" The woman didn't hesitate. She said, "I want peace in the Middle
East. See this map? I want these countries to stop fighting with each other
and I want all the Arabs to love Jews and
Americans and vice-versa. It will bring about world peace and harmony."

The Genie looked at the map and exclaimed, "Lady, be reasonable. These
countries have been at war for thousands of years. I'm out of shape after
being in a bottle for five hundred years. I'm good but not THAT good! I
don't think it can be done. Make another wish and please be reasonable"
The woman thought for a minute and said, "Well, I've never been able to
find the right man. You know, one that's considerate and fun, likes to cook
and helps with the house cleaning, is great in bed and gets along with my
family, doesn't watch sports all the time, and is faithful. That's what I
wish for .. a good man." The Genie let out a long sigh, shook his head and
said, "Let me see that freakin' map again."


Tuesday, April 15, 2003

organ and voices

The concert at the DFP went ok. I thought the rehearsal was better. It sounded a little draggy yesterday. Slow.

BUT ... it was still well attended for a Monday 6pm show. I didn't think it would be since it's so close to work hours.

Earlier that day, sent out my first ever batch of nervousness mass postcard swap. My first nervousness experience. Can't wait for the other 24 postcards to come my way.

Also have a set of free postcards that I'm to swap with this other girl. Have the cards in an envelope, addressed and stamped. Just need to add a little note into it.

And my third swap would be a CD for postcard swap. I send her a postcard and she'll send me an Adam Sandler CD? Or was it Jerry Seinfeld? Which ever. I'm just curious about a comedic CD. I've never bought one before. For this swap, I'll need to go hunt for a card. Saw some promissing ones last night. I'll keep looking though.

Friday, April 11, 2003

sean ghazi

celebrity schmooze

His voice is gorgeous. Very musical theatre. Very high swoon factor. *sigh*

Went to watch him sing at No Black Tie last night after Marc Rochester's rehearsal. Didn't know about it until Suzan called and asked if I was interested in going late that afternoon itself! I'm glad she called. Suz didn't think that much of the theatre circle will be there that night cause Lew told her that the whole bunch of them from Dramalab and what not were there the night before.

She was wrong.

There were a whole bunch of the dominating the table in the middle. Mostly the cast from Spilt Gravy. Oh and Fang was there and saw Gavin Yap as well. Lots of theatre people.

Now ... I wonder why I never see them in other shows done by lesser known people? ... but then, I don't go to too many shows anyway. :)

Wednesday, April 09, 2003

April is ... fashion month

Fashion Month 01 >> Click for the full picture. Fashion Month 02 >> Click for the full picture.

Fashion Month 04 >> Click for the full picture. Fashion Month 03 >> Click for the full picture.

Some pictures I took at MidValley, on Thursday, during one of the runway shows that are going on all around the city.

Tuesday, April 08, 2003

spend, spend, spend

new laptop.
new car.
new shelves.

More than half my savings is gone. Nevermind, I'll console myself with all the nice new things that I have.
Hmmm ... need to buy more stuff.

CD player for the new car.
A new TV for my new room. (I'm like a nomad. Just changed room a year ago and now again!)

Should I get a new PC? Managed to get parts of PC from Cris and trying to see if I'll work with my HP PC that is kaput. I'm missing my keyboard and mouse. Nobody knows what happend to them. It just vanished. Anyway, those won't do anyway. The PC I got from Cris is an old Pentium. It uses a serial mouse and a different keyboard cable (the old ones not the PS2 ones. I don't know what they're called.). Maybe I can sneak some from the office to try them out.

Righto! Need to get my ass over to Bangsar so that I can finally print those holiday pictures. There's about 140 pieces so that's gonna place a further dent in the wallet.

Wednesday, April 02, 2003

oh man!

Just when I thought things are beginning to go well, something has to happen.

Nevermind the detour to MidValley when I thought I couldn't catch the 7pm at Sunway Pyramid. Wanted to watch it in Pyramid cause it's closer to home and earlier as well but got out of work late so couldn't make it.
Nevermind the jam that I had to go through which cause made me do another detour in an attempt to beat it.
Nevermind the wrong turn that took me right back into the jam that I was trying to avoid.
The cinemaonline site says that the movie's suppose to start at 8pm but is actually starts at 8.30pm so I have to kill some time walking around aimlessly.

Nevermind all that cause I got to watch the movie in the end. Star Trek - Nemesis.

I won't say that I was dissappointed cause I wasn't. I quite like the show. Shinzon's ship is just so much cooler and menacing that the Enterprise with it's cloaking capabilities and the incredible weapon that causes people to turn into dust as shown in the first scene in the Romulan senate (which reminds me a lot of the Roman senate). It is a wonder though that the Federation has up till now not discovered the secrets of cloaking that the Romulans seems to have had for ages or at least a method of detecting a cloaked craft.

The movie also reminded me why I used to follow the ST:TNG when it first started and also why I stopped. Cool ships and the display of opening mechanical weapons are only interesting the first few times. After that, it's same ol', same ol'.

But, I enjoyed it cause I haven't seen all those cool things for so long. :)

Happily walking out of the cinema and into my car before I reaslised that I've lost my parking ticket.

Yessiree Bob! It's gone.

I'm so mad with myself.
Stupido! Imbecile!
Why didn't you listen to that little voice in your head that told you not to take the ticket with you when you were getting out of the car?!

As usual, whenever I second guess myself, the outcome is usually bad.

I had to pay RM20 to get out of the parking.

Nemesis is really costing me a lot of money just to watch it. First - I forgot my wallet. And now - lost my ticket! This money has costed me RM32; including movie ticket fee excluding the requisite popcorn and coke.
Pictures from the Broadway & Operetta In Concert on Saturday night
The chorus
Some of the girls in costumes
... more of us in costumes
The Grisettes of Paris

There's a review of the concert in The Star yesterday.


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