Friday, April 25, 2003

every couple of weeks, i'd hop over to moby's place and check out what else he has written in his journal.
i like reading his journal. it's very entertaining. his friend created a a new game and it sounds really interesting. maybe i'll try it out with my sister one of these days.
i'm not a moby fan or anything. in fact, i don't even have any of his albums. he does have some pretty cool music though ... but it's just not a genre that i'd buy a cd of.

actually, maybe i should. if only just to look normal.
to look hip and hap'nin.
my cd collection comprises mainly of original cast recordings, classical crossovers and the few swing cds that i manage to find.
my popular music collection?
lets see ...
* janet jackson - janet, velvet rope (aussie tour edition) & all for you
* oasis - heathen chemistry
* robbie williams - escapology
* bachelor girl - waiting for the day ... my copy doesn't have tracks 14 & 15 though :(
* ricky martin - vuelve (asian edition)
* christina aguilera - christina aguilera ... won this from the radio. didn't really want the cd. i wanted the trip. had to sing for it too! if anyone wants this, i'll trade.

... ermmm ... i think that's it.

sad selection ain't it?

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