Friday, January 30, 2004

Legal Live Music Download

Was going though the Big Bad Voodoo Daddy yahoo group when I found a posting specifying live recordings of the BBVDs. Cool! And it being OKed by the BBVD management makes it even cooler. BBVD people are super cool cats. w00t!

Sadly, there aren't any BBVD live recordings on the site yet. However, there is a huge database of live recordings of many many other artiste and bands. I don't recognise most of the of course. Not sure if they're all signed and even if they were, they're probably obscure artiste/bands. Two that most of us might recognise would be Jason Mraz and Zwan.

Must remember to trot off to LPU's message board and pop in a message inquiring if LP might be interested in the project. If they are then I don't have to go sourcing for them over Kazaa.
Wonder if Evanescence and Moby might be interested as well. Will go pop more messages everywhere.


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