Friday, February 27, 2004

Quizilla gila

You are Agent Smith-
You are Agent Smith, from "The Matrix."
No one would ever want to run into you in a
dark alley. Cold as steel, tough as a rock,
things are your way or the highway.

What Matrix Persona Are You?
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Woo hoo! Cool! Cool! Love Hugo Weaving!

Drive safe

Driving in 7am traffic this morning, I noticed something interesting about on of my fellow driver. She was driving beside me and I wouldn't even have noticed her had she not overtook me by force -- by that I meant coming into my lane and squeezing me further towards the other lane until I have no option but to let her overtake me. When I looked at the driver wondering what the hell he/she (at that time I have not taken note ofthe gender of the idiot driver) I noticed something in her hand. It was her right hand and it was on the
wheel; and in this hand, intertwined within her palm, I think I saw a rosary (does rosary refer to a single bead or the whole chain? I was referring to the chain anyway).

Yeap! Rosary beads.

Y'know, the ones the catholics holds and prays with? To keep track of the number of Hail Mary's left they'd have to say/pray in the attempt to atone for some sin or other?

Now ... why would she need the security/comfort of rosary beads while driving? It's true that traffic has always been bad along the Federal Highway -- even at seven in the morning -- but do we really need the protection of God for this little feat in which we have to overcome five days a week, twice a day (at least), for the entirety of our working days? Do we really need divine intervention for this our daily task?

I wonder if we just stuck to the lanes that we're suppose to and not squeeze in and out from one lane to the other in the attempt to get to our destination faster, would the traffic be any better? Would the roads be safer? Would the traffic report for the Federal actually read smooth instead of slow but moving, bumper to bumper or worse, at a standstill?

Maybe then that she would not have needed the rosaries while driving. Maybe then I would not feel the need to switch lanes and further worsen the traffic condition. Maybe it was not even some rosaries but just some beaded chain?

Maybe. Maybe. But I was still intrigued by the rosaries in the hand.


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