Friday, November 21, 2003

Status today

Well ... hmmm ... I haven't been blogging here for awhile and felt like I must do it somehow. However, don't have much to talk about. Everythings been chugging along as it always does. Nothing much that's new.

There was another counselling session regarding puntuality again but as Linkin Park sings it, I've become so numb! Numb to all this unnecessary meetings which basically does not do much in encouraging me to come earlier. Of course there's always that threat, well concealed though it may but still a threat nonetheless, of termination due to insubordination. This isn't the first time I've been called in for a session due to the same reason and nothing has changed since then. I don't know why they think anything will change now. I guess this is definitely the best time for me to really sit down and finish modifications to my resume. Time to move on.

I've said that for the past two years and now I'm saying it again. Hopefully this will be the last.

New years resolution -> I resolve to get a new job and quit my current shitty company!

I also resolve to excersize more in 2004. The 2kg I've put on this year alone is not funny. Almost didn't want to wear my yellow costume for the latin dance competition I entered on Sunday. Yeah ... I entered another competition. Again in the ladies event. Still can't get a guy partner. :( This time I didn't win though, only managed second placing. I keep repeating to everyone from my dance school saying that the girls who won are trained by Darren Bennett and Lilia Kopylova who recently turned Professionals. I know this cause the guy who replied to my 'Looking for a partner' post at a message board told me that they were his partner while he was studying in Sheffield and he took lessons from Darren. Sheesh! As if that's good enough an excuse. Anyway, was quite disappointed but I know the result was fair. I think I would have given them the champ trophy as well if I were the judge. I haven't really seen myself dance but I thought they did better than me.

Tomorrow we, the Turandot chorus will head for Penang for our first rehearsal with the chorus and orchestra there. We leave Kuala Lumpur at the ungodly hour of 6 bloody am! Am I excited? Not really. I don't know. Don't tend to get excited over many things like this somehow.

I did get excited when a colleague brought in the Acer s60 PDA demo in. Was excited even though the thing hasn't been charged and therefore couldn't even play with it. It looked kinda sleek ... ordinary looking PDA to be sure but not a huge bulk like the Loox at least. So, I bought it the next day. ;) It looks good and so did the price. They're selling outside for RM799 but I got it lower. If you want one, shoot me an email. I won't tell you the price here. :)

Lastly before I leave, finally managed to track down some films for my Holga. Haven't paid Eric, the nice chap who sent the camera to me though. Have been trying frantically to find means of transporting the cash to him. I think I'm gonna either have to ask my aunt to forward him the money or my cousin who I hardly speak to. She's in Ireland but she sometimes goes to the head office in Atlanta. I'm sure if she goes to Atlanta it should be no problem sending a Money Order to Eric or maybe the postal system in Ireland is not so chronic that they'd have services for Money Order to be sent to a country like the US. He, my cousin, on the other hand is in some backwater place called Arkansas and should, I assume, not have any problem sending a mail order to Chicago. Only thing is I hardly contact him and therefore am not sure if he'll do it. Hmmm ... I think I'll approach my aunt first.

So, I'll try and load the films tonight and by tomorrow somewhere in Penang, I'll be able to shoot some pics with my toy camera.

*psst! Can you believe I forgot to get more films for my little Actionsampler. Eeps!


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