Thursday, October 02, 2003

After the dust

Yes! The router's working. No more additional clicks to get online. Just turn on the PC and I'm online. Yeah! Baby, Yeah!

Could have had that worked out earlier of course but being Ms. Procrastinator, me, the whole package, the ProLink WiFi Router (WER401), just laid there collecting dust until the last minute. Deadline being my dad coming home from his trip to ... hmmm ... where is it this time? Thailand? Indonesia? Sabah? Gosh! I don't believe it. I have no idea where my dad is! Shockers!

Anyway, he's due back tonight. So I thought I'd better get things ready for his laptop, which for some reason, balks at all the programmes that TmNet passed me for configuring and installing for Streamyx. Despite feeling like dropping dead soon as I got home. In fact, even before I got home. During choir rehearsal. Couldn't even eat dinner/supper well even though I was hungry. Too tired to eat. But I sucked it up! Tore the plastics and set them up. After tinkering it a few and not being able to get it working, I gave up. Ended up tossing and turning wondering why it didn't work when I've followed all the instructions before finally falling asleep at what must have been 2.30am? Then tried it again this morning and Yay! it works!

*sigh* Still very tired today. Should really think of going home and just sleep till the next day but today's the only day I don't have something going on after work and I've been wanting to watch Pirates of the Caribbean since forever. So, I think I'm definitely going to watch it tonight. If I don't, they're likely to go out of circulation the next time I think of going.

Yes. I think I'll go to the movies tonight. *sigh* If only I don't have to drive myself there (any volunteers to drive me there?). When are they going to develop the technology for teleportation? What I wouldn't give to just say 'Beam me up, Scotty' and I'm there? Très cool.


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