Thursday, July 31, 2003

disposable digital cam

Have you heard? There's a disposable digital camera now! They've done it! They've made it disposable. Not only that, they've made it affordable ... at least to the US citizens living in the US of course. Only $11 bucks! It's true I found out about it through boingboing.

Eleven buckaroos for a disposable camera. I remember the one and only time I ever bought a disposable. It was when I was in town and heard that Human Nature was going to be at Tower Records that very afternoon. I'm not a big fan of Human Nature but I absolutely love their version of 'People Get Ready' and I had just got back from the land down under; fresh from listening and liking to their latest single 'Cruel' at that time.

I paid over RM50 for that little baby. The pictures that I took with the boys didn't turn out well but those that I took during graduation ceremony was ok. Seems that the flash should be on when I took the pictures at Towers. How was I to know?!

Anyway, I wonder how well this digital disposable cam would work and how it works as well? Will it even get to our shores? And most of all ... how much will it cost?


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