Thursday, April 17, 2008

Google Sync on Blackberry

If only they were plug and play ...

I've had my blackberry for the past 5 months. The most usage I get out of it is to Berry my aunt, for my bosses to contact me or tell me to get to his floor NOW for a conference call.

Then I discovered the GMail app for blackberry. That was plug-play! There was no problem with the installation at all nor did I have to go through the whole turn-off-device-take-off-the-battery debacle. (Note: There's gotta be a better way for the OS to reset!)

Two days ago, I discovered that Google has a tool to sync GCal to the berry. Oh happy day! Until I installed it. And un-installed it. And installed it. And un-installed it . For the third time, I've installed it again but it's still not working.

Login failed, due to network problems, please check your settings.

Being the berry idiot that I am, I have no clue whatsoever on what settings they might be talking about. Nowhere is it stated on google's site what sort of settings I should be looking for.

If anyone knows how to get this working, please leave me a note. In the meantime, I'd be terrorizing the CS at Maxis again. ;)


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