Friday, July 18, 2003


"Hey look. That girl looks like she's crying."

I hope nobody was thinking that while I was sitting there in the kopitiam waiting for the tai chow fella to cook up my order of Hokkien mee. The waiters keep coming over to ask if I wanted to order drinks. I think they came over like 5 times. Don't they keep watch of who's ordering and who's not? Leave me alone.

I'm choking there. Trying to hold the tears in. Knowing that my eyes are slightly wet with the few runaways tears that I couldn't hold off. Knowing that it would look obvious that I was going to cry if I let anymore more to escape. Then I'd probably get told off again by her when I finally get back in the car with dinner.

I kept quite the whole time driving home. Hoping and praying that I can hold it in. Hold in it just enough for me to get into the bathroom so I can let it out.

So, I unlocked the door. Left dinner on the table. Rushed up into my room, brushing pass my sis who said hi, knowing my voice would quiver if I spoke, grabbed my towel and headed straight to the bathroom ... and finally let go.


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