Friday, October 18, 2002

Found a new paper to read on Wednesday. It's called Faces: Of the night (I think). It's a fortnightly paper where they report events (read club events) which have gone on in the past fortnight and also reviews on fashion, food and places. A pretty interesting paper with lots of pictures. However, I would think that for such a paper, they would have a list of events that would be coming up so that the readers will know what's the next 'happenning' thing/place to go to.

I was actually at the magazine shop to look for the August issue of Wired. Being the el cheapo that I am, I was waiting for MPH to bring in their stack of RM24.50 Wired for that issue and didn't buy the RM31 copy that I saw. Somehow, I must have missed it cause I can't find it anymore. So now, I'm scouring the back issue magazine shops. Have to check the back issue shop at Sungai Wang then. The one in Damansara Jaya doesn't have it yet?

Also, I got my new pair of latin shoes from Superdance. It's a plain black, 3 incher with flare heels. Costed me RM118. Considerably cheap. Needed a new shoe for practise cause may old pair has a huge hole at my left little toe and it's sort of loose now therefore I'm having trouble trying to balance in it.

Hmmm ... I'm feeling a little Memento effect here cause the events stated above was in reverse chronological order.

It actually went shoe --> look for Wired --> found Faces.


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