Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Your favourite sites

I need some sites to test a product. And since I hardly browse sites except for phlogs (my own term for photoblogs), my friend's blogs, emails, amazon (which I wish they'd have a Malaysian branch!) and google, I'm looking for other sites that people visit frequently.

So, I need some help. What sites do you guys visit frequently? Preferably sites that are not blogs and search portals and of course, not gmail, yahoo nor msn.

Callback/No callback

Signals Master announced that the KLPAC people are on the phones right now ringing the people for callback. It's been almost an hour since the announcement and SoulDoc and I have yet to receive a call. *sigh* Guess we didn't make it. SoulDoc's depressed. I'm slightly dissappointed.

Yups! I've decided not to place too much hope on auditions so that I won't be overly dissappointed when I don't get it and pleasantly surprised when I do.

Sheesh! What a load of crap! LOL

[Update] SoulDoc got the callback too. She asked if I did but the lady had no idea who I was, so that's a big fat NO. Ah well .... c'est la vie. NEXT!

Friday, June 17, 2005

Not competing

There's a competition this weekend. Sadly though, my partner, Jay, and I will not be competing.

Why not?

Well, so far, since the last time we practise for a performance for one of his friend's wedding, which was back in May 21st, we have practised all of ONE time, and had all of ONE class; both at the beginning of this week. So that was almost a whole month of no dancing. How's that for preparation? We did however do another performance. This time for my university alumni event. It went ok. I kinda messed up the rhumba. Forgot the rhythm for some of the step. :P But then, nobody knew. At least, I hope nobody did.

Our teacher said it up to us whether or not to compete and but he didn't see any reason why we shouldn't as " ... the cha cha actually looked slightly better. Though the jive looks slighly worse. There should have been more improvements but that's fine." I feel the same, which is why I don't think we should compete since there was no improvements. Jay feels it's too rushed and he's also been busy.

And therefore, no competition this weekend.

Prior to the alumni event, I managed to slip in an audition for an upcoming staging of Pygmalion. It's going to be a musical. No, not My Fair Lady; this will be with original music and as is often with the Actor's Studio, it'll be a Malaysianised version.

I was late for the audition. I sang two songs with pitching going up and down and everywhere else except where it should be. I hope they're not as pitch perfect as my previous auditioner. Then jumped around for a bit for the improptu movement part of the audition (nowhere mentioned in the audition notice). Then read a bit of text.

Now, the text reading bit felt a little odd. The part to be read was the part where Liza has already learnt how to speak properly. First time we read it, I was suppose to do it the Malaysian-bahasa-pasar way. I had trouble with that due to the content of the text. Also because I usually try not to speak too bahasa pasar and then I'm thinking I have to inject in some local dialet stuff. So, I stumbled quite a bit there. The second time was better cause it's just regular reading. Just have to read it as is with proper English, it doesn't matter that it's a Malaysian English accent, we're not British nor American to begin with anyway.

The auditioners were friendly. One of them said, "... you know we love you." when I mentioned that I get really nervous at auditions. That had me thinking "Er ... ok." LOL. Then one of them said "charming girl". Don't know what is involved in being charming.

Does excessive nervous babbling constitute as charm?

Hmmm ... must babble more then, huh?

Anyway, fingers crossed for that. *fingers crossing*


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