Thursday, February 19, 2009

What can you do when you've missed your flight?

Well, definitely not what the lady did!
Actually, other than not being able to reach her destination at the pre-supposed time or not being able to afford a transfer to the next flight, I don't know why the woman would go about as she did.

I couldn't wholly understand what she was crying out. What I hear was ...
Lady: (a bunch of cries) Why wouldn't they let me in? (more intelligible cries)
Ground staff: Not to worry, we will help place you on the next flight out.
Younger guy: How can you help? (Author's note: Is it cause they don't have money to pay for the transfer?)
(more intelligible cries)

My experience of missing a flight was during my flight out to Amsterdam with my aunt from Liverpool airport. We were actually early to the airport and about 30 minutes early at the security check leading to the boarding gates. Little did I know, that past the doorway of the initial security check, is a flight of stairs leading to the security scans. There was already a substantially long queue towards the doorway and the queue continues through the flight of stairs.

By the time that we got to the gate, we were late for boarding. Why?

  1. We didn't cut the queue cause we didn't know it was going to take that long!

  2. Once we've passed the doorway and was queuing along the stairs, there were no call for late passenger, or at least we couldn't hear the call and therefore, didn't know that we were late.

  3. There are no priority lines for late passengers.

So, what could we do?
We could have just grabbed our luggages and go home, or, cough up the cash and pay for a flight transfer. They staff nicely helped us do all that and thanks to my aunt for paying cause I was running low on cash. Either way, I need to get to Amsterdam because my flight back to KL is from Amsterdam.

So, we paid for the transfer, stashed our lugguages at the temporary holding area (again fork out cash) and took a bus to the nearby shopping strip and window shopped.

Therefore, as long as you are willing and able to pay for the transfer, there shouldn't be a reason to trash around like that ... would you?

Have you had a missed flight where you really felt like throwing down and start trashing on the floor like the woman did?

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Who are you calling fat?!

Darn sad!!!!
Met some fellow ex-ensemble mates from PGL went I went to watch the show a few hours ago.
The first thing --zoni said to me was ... yo! Why so fat?!

Darn it!
Truth ... At 50kg then I was probably the skinniest that I have ever been, since quitting ballet at 15, while I was doing the show about 4 years ago?
Truth ... I have gained approximately 5kg since then.
Truth ... I'm only about 153cm.

Is that considered fat?


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