Wednesday, September 08, 2004

getting stupider

The two interviews yesterday was a definite brain drain. Questions about projects which I have created several years ago and have forgotten how the whole thing works, technical questions which I have once learnt but hardly put into practise and therefore can't for the life of my explain how it'll work, questions about design patterns that came out after my schooling days which I should have kept up with but couldn't find it in me to do so; tiring as hell.

Without realising it, I believe I have gradually grown more stupid as the years go by. Maybe it's just cause I'm in this company where things have to be done a certain way - and most times it's not the right way. Maybe it's me not having the initiative to keep up with the current trends. ... I think it's a lot of both.

So now I realised that technically, I know less that I knew when I was in school. You could always count on me to understand the programming concepts easily ... linked list, pointers, inheritance. The teacher could call on me, which one of my teacher often does, for the answer and I'd be able to answer correctly. Easy peasy. Now, I can't even tell you when or why you should use extend or interface in Java.

What a disaster! I need to go back to the books. Catch up on new modelling and design techniques. Relearn! Back to school!


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