Monday, June 09, 2003

I'm A Dick

... I'm Addicted to ...

PC card games.


Spider solitaire.
Oh! And the singular non-cardgame ... Minesweeper.

I've been playing and playing and playing them constantly. At work (shhh! don't tell my boss). At home. At all hours of the day.

My original plan of getting a good night's sleep at the respectable hour of 12am at the latest during my week of rest has been shattered by this addiction. In fact, I'm sleeping even later due to it.

3 am.
4 am.

... the latest being 5.30 am. Which caused me to missed batu dance class the next day.

Urgh! Nasty addiction. Difficult to get away from it since it's so readily available on the tool which I use on a daily basis. A tool which is a necessity for my trade.

I wonder if they have a patch for this addiction; y'know like how they have a patch for smokers? Think I might need those if they do have them. 'tis quite distracting.

Hmmm ... I've left some documents at home. Darn it! Have to go home and get it so that I can work. Otherwise I'll use that excuse to play more games.


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