Sunday, July 13, 2003

When it rains, it pours

So much has happened in the last week.

Grandma was sick. Sick enough to be admitted into the CCU (Coronary Care Unit). She much better now but still looks a little weak. Not as sprightly as she used to be.

The doctors at the emergency room seems useless and not to mention really slow. It's a wonder that anyone can survive should they be brought into the ER for anything more than a cold or fever. They did some readings and scans for my grandma and said that they didn't find anything. I paid over RM500 for them to find nothing ... well, they did make an appointment for my grandma to see the neurologist tomorrow though, on a FIFO basis so what the appointment was for is still a mystery to me. I suppose that we could just turn up and see if he's free, no appointments necessary.

According to my mom, the neurologist took a look at the readings and imaging the night before and immediately saw what was wrong with me granny - low in sodium and potassium. Guess, that RM500 was of some good after all but they should really fire the people posing as doctors at the ER. The neurologist (Dr. N) said that my granny could have had an attack and it was a good thing we came to him when we did. I say according to my mom cause I was unable to bring my granny to the hospital myself. Terrible deadline at work.

Now that another thing ... work.

It's sick working for an idiot who wouldn't listen to your concerns and just insist on a deadline. Especially on something that you've never done before and do not have the skills for. Urgh!

Which explains why I'm sitting in the office right now on a Sunday afternoon trying to get the idiotic scripts working. I'm not sure what's wrong. There seems to be something wrong with the interpreter or settings of the machine or something. I can't get the bash scripts to work (: bad interpreter: No such file or directory) and running javac seems to give me 'error while writing ... (No such file or directory) on line public class LogFileWriter {' with the pointer under the 'c' of class.

I think this should be pretty easily solved if I am not so entirely dependant on the ANT's build scripts.

Wonder if it has anything to do with path settings.

Oh yeah also ... I was in an accident on Friday while on my way to meet the MT folks for dinner and maybe partying with the kotaraya folks after that.

This idiot was stopped at the tip of the island turning into the area with Victoria Station on the Sprint H/way. He signaled that he wanted to come into my lane and was inching into it too, move-stop-move-stop. Since I was already really close, I honked at him. Thinking that maybe he wasn't looking at his mirrors and so to warn him that I was there. I thought that he'd stop but apparently he's either stupid or deaf cause he kept on coming out. Therefore, I had to slam on the brakes!

*phew* Managed to stop in time.

Just as I was thinking what a close call that was, I was bumped. Quite a hard bump at that but luckily I didn't hit the steering wheel nor was I thrown through the windshield.

Upon recovering from the bump, I saw the idiot in front speed off. Looking at the rear mirror, I saw that the car that bumped me was a taxi.

Having heard all the horror stories about taxi driver, I was kinda afraid what he'll do. But he was really reasonable. Didn't yell and scream at me. Asked me why I stopped and if I got the plate of the car in front.

"Of course not! I was too busy being bumped to take it down. Plus I stopped cause if I hadn't, I would have bumped into that idiot."

I tried calling my brother but he didn't pick up the phone. Couldn't call my dad cause he's in Sabah and he has 013, in other words, useless! So, I thought I'll call the people closest, the MT group that's already in Bangsar. I needed to get someone cause I absolutely don't know what to do and the vultures has already descended upon us and I think I was in shock. My hands were shaking slightly and I was mad. Mad at the idiot who caused it.

I signed with one of the vultures to get my car towed. The damagae isn't that bad but I hear something dragging behind when I drove my car to the side and thought that I shouldn't drive it anymore. Of course, I got an earfull from my dad for this when he called 4 hours later for signing but what did he want me to do? Leave the car on the road? Anyway, too late anyway, accident 8.30pm call, 12.30am. Nothing can be done then. No use lecturing now. If you were home then I could have asked you but you weren't and koko didn't answer my call. I did what I thought was best at that time. If it was the wrong decision so be it. No use crying over spilled milk.

I'm hoping to go visit my car in the car hospital tomorrow. Plus bring the necessary documents to the vulture. I hear rumours that they'll mangle the car even more before the insurance evaluators come by. I'm hoping that's not true. Please let it be just that ... a rumour.

Right! Will get back to work now. If I can't figure out how to get it working then we'll just have to do the UAT with the development server instead. Too fucking bad!


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