Friday, April 01, 2005


What can I say? Have been lazy. Have been busy.

Don't think being busy is a good excuse for not blogging but I think laziness is. It does take some amount of effort to put up a post doesn't it? To turn on the PC, open up the browser, key in the url, login, think up things to say (the hardest part!) ... *phew* ... so much effort for something so bodoh. :P

Ah ... well ... it's fun sometimes ;)

  • went for a beach cleanup about three weeks ago at Rantau Abang. It was excellent. Went kayakking for almost an hour. Then had more time to spare, went for almost another hour. The beach is amazing! The sea looks so blue-green -- like in a brochure -- and the sand quite soft. At night, some of us slept at the beach under the stars and when you lie down and look up, all you can see is the sky. I have never seen such a huge night sky so choke full of stars. Oh ya! There were lots of junks at the beach as well. Not near the water but at the area where the sand meets grasses and trees. Glass, plastic, rubber, miscellaneous junks, all accounted for. We got a whole truck load. I have some pictures here.

  • work's been slowly progressing. The last evaluation for the organisation giving the grant was on Monday, therefore that part is over and I'm not quite sure where we stand. Something about placing the idea into an ideas bank. Whatever it is, my friend's going to go on with the application so I'm still fixing stuff. So far, we've had a demo for a telco and an advertising agency (wow! their office is gorgeous!).

    I'm having problems getting my application to redirect to HTTPS. If anyone has any clue on how to do this, please contact me. Language used => Java. There's two versions, the servlet version uses URLConnection while the proxy version uses Socket.

  • car got into an accident on Saturday. This time I swear I am not at fault. I was stopped in the middle of a traffic light queue, even my handbrake was engaged. Patiently (sic) waiting for the light to change, I was suddenly hit from the back. The car jerked to the front and hit the car in front. The back was a Honda Accord(?) and the front was a ... er ... I know it's a 4-wheel drive but am not entire positive that it's a Kembara(?). I was sandwiched. The Honda has a few scratched on it's bumper. Not much damage to the Kembara either maybe a few scratches. Was there a broken light? Maybe. But my poor li'l Kelisa. It almost looked like a Juara, all boxed up (dramatized). The back was dented. The front was dented but even worse than the back. Luckily, I don't think there was any damage to the internal parts ie. engine et al. Could still start the car. Baby's in the workshop now.

  • 21 days to opening night. Don't think I have mentioned anything about the production I've been rehearsing for, for the past few months. Yes, I have things to bitch about the rehearsals; when have I never eh? Well ... lets just say I'm not happy with many aspects of the production. [*sigh* so lame but I've resolved not to express my opinions on these sort of things as some parties might be overly sensitive about it. If there are any proponents to my bitching about these sorta things; ie. like those that I have done previously, do tell me in the comments so that other people know that I have 'consent'?]

    After so many months of rehearsals, I feel that I'm still ill prepared for openning night. AND ... I don't think that feeling will end even after the show has!

  • Next latin competition coming up on May Day!
    : Costume status -> undone. Haven't gone to the tailor's, haven't bought the cloth. I'm so dead! Design? I like Carmen's costume in Blackpool 2001 but it's long and me being short, I don't think I should get a long dress. But I like the top. I really really like Beata's dress back in 2000 but I wouldn't dare trying it. Still not toned enough for it. She has a black version as well. In the end, I think I'm going to make something like Katarina Venturini's Blackpool 2001 dress. It's kinda like Carmen's but the skirt's till the knees with a front-side slit almost up to the waist.
    : Routine status -> [cha cha] has it's good days but still not very 'together'. Also, can't figure out what arm movements to put in. *urgh* [jive] finished choreography two lessons ago. Many parts still kelam-kabut.

I've been told by technoLAHgist to announce an upcoming blog meet. Tentatively scheduled for April 19. Hmmm ... just realised it's the day after Joi Ito's scheduled for KL. Venue -> TBC.


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