Tuesday, December 03, 2002

Another strange thing ...

I saved codes which I worked on last night (or rather early Monday morning) onto my floppy to bring to work later and when I opened the file, it wasn't what I saved. I thought it was strange cause I specifically remember doing a Save As ... before succumming to the sandman's call. Fortunately I remembered most of what I did and it didn't take me too long to reproduce it at work.

And then a few moments ago, I opened the same file, which I continued working on at work, to work on it, whatever I saved at work wasn't replicated in my floppy. Craps! What is wrong! Why isn't anything working today? Urgh!

I hope that whatever I've changed is still in the copy at work. I'll work on something for tonight and then I'll try integrating it with the codes at work ... it that is still there. Otherwise, a whole day at work has just gone to waste.

Shoots! Have a meeting at 9am. Hope that doesn't take too long. I'm never going to finish my project. I never ever want to head a project any longer. I utterly despise Project Management. Let me remain a programmer for the time being please. Project Management is pulling my mind at so many directions I don't have time to do my part of the development!
Mess ge l st in cyb rsp ce ... p ckets m ss ng

Messenger programs seems to be out to get me. There I was honestly using it for work purposes during work hours and my posts seems to get lost in transit. My colleague's screaming at me for not reply when I have. Lines of sentences which I have entered/posted seems to sporadically appear on his screen. Testing confirmed that not all my messages are going across to him.

me: 1
me: 2
me: 3
me: 4
me: 5
me: 6
me: 7
me: 8
me: 9
me: 10
him: 2 3 5 6 7 9

What gives? Where did the rest go? and it's not only Y!Messenger. Apparently my messages to someone else in MSN Messenger isn't going across either. That someone got quite cross cause he thinks that I was deliberately ignoring him which I vehemently denied ... at least this time I wasn't lying. I do sometimes ignore that person.

Must check that PC is not infected with virus tomorrow morning.
*slaps forehead*
How could I have forgotten to check on that?
What were you thinking about Empress?

The Swingle Singers were incredible. Their arrangements were superb, their harmonies and sound effect incredible. Nothing much to say about it except that it was great.

The new Esplanade by the Bay in Singapore was gorgeous, well, what little I saw of it anyway.

Prem got the timing wrong and so, we were late for the show. However, managed to get into the theatre two songs before the interval. At least we didn't miss the whole of the first half.


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