Friday, January 16, 2004

Resolution #6

Before I begin with Resolution #6, I would like to point out that I am not exactly breaking Resolution #4 ... hmmm ... I just noticed something weird on my resolution list! Will amend that later.
How I rationalise my blogging at this hour, in the middle of the word day, is that I have completed what I am required to do.
My codes are all ready to be moved to the server.
And after some compiling and building and servlet engine restarts, the users will be able to use it without the bug that my company have always known about, although I do always have to remind them that it has always been a problem and should be fixed, but always denied that it would be a problem when moved to the production server. That's as indepth a techno babble as I can get. And that wasn't even really techno bable is it? Pretty comprehensive for the non-geeks eh?
However, to enable me to implement this change, I would have to do it after the regular people's work hours so as not to interupt the work process of our client. Also, to run some test to make sure that the application is running properly on the production server.

Hence, I am without work from now until ... whenever I feel like coming in again to implement that! Probably early tomorrow morning or Sunday?

Now, regarding Resolution #6.
I would like to begin with the varnishing/painting/staining process as soon as possible.
I don't necessarily have to find huge boxes to temporarily place all the junks that are on the shelves now although having them would be awfully nice. Less chances of toe-stubbings and much frustration of stepping on said junk. But since I don't see any boxes lying around at home, I'll just have to dump everything on the floor.
My concern regarding #6 is how do I paint the shelves properly ie. without visible paint overlapping. You know, the slightly darker layer you get when you paint a layer of paint above a layer of dried or almost dried paint?
I can't possible 'stand' all the connecting joints and the shelves on their smallest area to minimise the overlap cause that just not feasible as it wouldn't stand by their own.

Does anyone have any experience painting such things?
My set is build from Ikea's Ivar storage system.


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