Friday, April 16, 2004

not quite a star

Well, I'm finally going to be in a movie.
Not only is it going to be a movie? It's going to be a musical as well. Think Moulin Rouge ... savvy?

I'm not the lead, I'm just one of the three girls that makes up the lead's posse. In actual fact, they're still looking for the two female leads. Requirements for those leads are that they'd be able to pass off as sisters and the younger sister will need to be believeable as a drop dead gorgeous girl that all guys will literally stop whatever they're doing just to stare as she walks by.

I have a general idea of what the story is but I have not had the chance to get a copy of the script yet. I think I've read half of it last night, or at least a third of it. What came to mind when I read it?
Think Clueless.
Think 10 things I hate about you.
Think Grease.

So, the past week, I've been going over to NiA's place. They gave me a makeover for the character that I'm suppose to be. I think they went a tad too heavy on the blusher. I looked like a weird chinese doll and no matter what, I still don't think that blue eye shadow's for me. Next time I'm just going to ask for a natural palatte. Browns baby! Give me browns! Au naturale! Oui? They've sorted out most of my wardrobe, most of my stuff that I brought was quite ok but shoes are still missing. They'll have to go hunt for them. I'm not about to go buy some slipper/sandals/shoes which I'm not ever going to wear, likely ever again, just for this movie. Doesn't help that my shoe closet is close to empty if I took out all my dance shoes. I have more dance shoes that everyday shoes! *sigh* miss miss miss all those practises for competitions!

Other than that, I've learnt the main song but that's basically it. Don't think the non-production ie. the actors have been very productive so far. I haven't even gotten my script. The guys have done some scenes but the girls really have to wait till the get the leads. So I've just been sitting around, watching and waiting.


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