Sunday, October 26, 2003


It's been an age since I last posted hasn't it? Missed me anyone? *bleargh*

Anyway, it was concerts galore two weeks ago.

First up was Linkin Park's rocking concert!!! Woo hoo!!! They so ROCKED!!! I actually opted out of my own concert's technical rehearsal in favour of Linkin Park's concert. Rather irresponsible of me but c'mon! It's Linkin Park! I'm shocked they even chose Malaysia as their one and only stop for SEA. Bands like this usually go to Singapore or Thailand not Malaysia; due to all the restrictions they impose on all the bands who would like to perform. There was a no jumping and no screaming clause for the concert. Not that anyone obeyed it. The band did seem a little more toned down than I imagined though. But then, what's a Linkin Park concert if you don't have screaming and jumping? The band couldn't play My December the whole way through.

Anyway, the band was great! Too Phat, the opening act, sucked big time. However, this is a biased view as I've never liked Too Phat anyway. I don't think those two guys have anything that can be remotely called talent. Their lyrics, what little I've heard, are based on key 'hip hop' words which I think is utterly unimaginative. Just sprinkling 'yo, yo, yo' and 'hip hop' this and 'hip hop' that does not a good song make. Well, I don't know much about rapping but compared to Eminem, their music is trash. So, I'm not surprised that they got booed as I was one of them yelling for them to get off stage.

After a tedious set but the yucky boys, the tech people came on to setup for the main act. Setup took almost 30 minutes with the crowd eagerly chanting for LP. It was so cool! :) And then they came on. Played a brilliant set, had their fans screaming and yelling along with them. I've read somewhere that Chazzy Chaz gets a hard on when the crowd sings along, which would mean that he had a 75 minutes hard on cause the crowd was singing along right from the beginning up until the very end ... encore included. LOL, must have been hard for him. ;)

An amazing experience. :) Can't wait till they come back next. Of course, I would have preferred it if they hadn't gone for all those cheesy banters such as, "Malaysia's treated us the best", "You're the greatest crowd", "Malaysia Boleh". Bet they say that to at all their concerts. Would loved it if it had been longer as well. I was so surprised when they announced that they're gonna do their last song. It felt like they'd just come on, they'd only been on for slightly shy of an hour. I guess short and sweet must be their motto. No complains here though, it was amazing ... erm ... how many times have I said that?

It's a good thing I restrained myself from yelling too much at that concert cause I had to sing at the Phil's MMM2 concert the next night. The concert went on well for all the shows. Audience was pretty friendly except for the Rotary night on Friday; no matter how I shimmied (I had to dance for the 'Hey Big Spender number), I could not get a reaction from the audience members. They applauded oh so properly that it seemed timed and politely asked for an encore at the end which surprised me cause they didn't look as if they enjoyed the show much. The choir did brilliantly though, all smiles almost throughout the show. :)

Some of my friends came and they enjoyed the show. IreneQ came for the show as well, I think it was the Saturday matinee. I'm so embarrassed for not recognising her, she looked familiar but I just couldn't place her at the moment. Khalil came as well. He must have liked the show alot cause he signed up to join the Phil at the end. Guess I'll be seeing you quite often huh, Khalil?

*Phew* That week was utterly tiring but fun nontheless.

Here's a review of the show from the Star. Pretty good review, I think. The author seems to like Seasons of Love. :) Oh ya, I'm in the picture, can you pick me out?

Saturday, October 11, 2003

friday five - sports edition

1. Do you watch sports? If so, which ones?
Tennis, figure skating, synchronised swimming, swimming, gymnastics (both artistic and rhythmic) and dancesport.

2. What/who are your favorite sports teams and/or favorite athletes?
Pat Rafter but he's retired now :(

3. Are there any sports you hate?
Wrestling. Most definitely wrestling. I still think it's all an act. I don't care what all the wrestling fans says. It's an act people!!!

4. Have you ever been to a sports event?
Yes. Many many times. Mostly cause I had to be there since I was playing in them.

5. Do/did you play any sports (in school or other)? How long did you play?
Yes. Hockey in primary school, squash in secondary and state level. Played squash for about 3 years? Have also been playing squash for the company's annual games in the past two years. Have to miss it this year cause didn't have time for training. They're competing this weekend!

Saturday, October 04, 2003

nice and relaxed

Just had a nice long bubble bath. First thing I saw when I got into the hotel was the tub. We don't have a bathtub at home so baths are a novelty. *sigh* Nice relaxing bath. And they had a window that opens into the room so I can watch telly while I soak. Tres cool!

Bored, bored, bored though. Although, that's not news in genting if you don't gamble eh?

I'm gonna go back to my room and sleep till the show starts. I'm watching Lady Salsa tonight then maybe going to the Latino party later. Both not very well attended, I hear but it's better than not doing anything eh?

Cheers all.

Thursday, October 02, 2003

After the dust

Yes! The router's working. No more additional clicks to get online. Just turn on the PC and I'm online. Yeah! Baby, Yeah!

Could have had that worked out earlier of course but being Ms. Procrastinator, me, the whole package, the ProLink WiFi Router (WER401), just laid there collecting dust until the last minute. Deadline being my dad coming home from his trip to ... hmmm ... where is it this time? Thailand? Indonesia? Sabah? Gosh! I don't believe it. I have no idea where my dad is! Shockers!

Anyway, he's due back tonight. So I thought I'd better get things ready for his laptop, which for some reason, balks at all the programmes that TmNet passed me for configuring and installing for Streamyx. Despite feeling like dropping dead soon as I got home. In fact, even before I got home. During choir rehearsal. Couldn't even eat dinner/supper well even though I was hungry. Too tired to eat. But I sucked it up! Tore the plastics and set them up. After tinkering it a few and not being able to get it working, I gave up. Ended up tossing and turning wondering why it didn't work when I've followed all the instructions before finally falling asleep at what must have been 2.30am? Then tried it again this morning and Yay! it works!

*sigh* Still very tired today. Should really think of going home and just sleep till the next day but today's the only day I don't have something going on after work and I've been wanting to watch Pirates of the Caribbean since forever. So, I think I'm definitely going to watch it tonight. If I don't, they're likely to go out of circulation the next time I think of going.

Yes. I think I'll go to the movies tonight. *sigh* If only I don't have to drive myself there (any volunteers to drive me there?). When are they going to develop the technology for teleportation? What I wouldn't give to just say 'Beam me up, Scotty' and I'm there? Très cool.


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