Saturday, October 11, 2003

friday five - sports edition

1. Do you watch sports? If so, which ones?
Tennis, figure skating, synchronised swimming, swimming, gymnastics (both artistic and rhythmic) and dancesport.

2. What/who are your favorite sports teams and/or favorite athletes?
Pat Rafter but he's retired now :(

3. Are there any sports you hate?
Wrestling. Most definitely wrestling. I still think it's all an act. I don't care what all the wrestling fans says. It's an act people!!!

4. Have you ever been to a sports event?
Yes. Many many times. Mostly cause I had to be there since I was playing in them.

5. Do/did you play any sports (in school or other)? How long did you play?
Yes. Hockey in primary school, squash in secondary and state level. Played squash for about 3 years? Have also been playing squash for the company's annual games in the past two years. Have to miss it this year cause didn't have time for training. They're competing this weekend!

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