Monday, June 08, 2009

How do you make additional moolah without having a second job?

The cost of the kitchen is just escalating. Mom says that I shouldn't keep complaining that CuzS is expensive but what do you do when it's fact?

At this rate, I'm just 'yes-ing' to everything that I originally wanted anyway and be damned the cost cause I want to get it over with. My tiny (well, maybe not so tiny) kitchen is about to cost as much as my brother's which is probably 1.5 times bigger than mine.

*sigh* So, now, how do I pay for it? Is it possible to earn anything this way? Maybe not to the extreme of everything but I know I have lots of things that are still usable but I no longer use.

If these were my stuff, would you buy them for maybe RM5/RM10 a piece? Pick-up only?


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