Monday, July 21, 2003

Second guessing

It is too much to hope for, isn't it? To have an uneventful day? Or at least a day when I'm not reminded of my incompetence or of someone making me second guess my decisions and the things that I have done?

Why, event my laptop protested. It displayed the dreaded blue screen of death while I was typing. Something which I have not seen in an age!

From a day that went pretty well - she has called an end to the cold war, indicated by her willingness to speak with unworthy me, and me being slightly proud of myself for having called my credit card company for an increase in limit so that I can settle my grandma's hospital bill, something which I have not done before but seen it on the adverts that I can be done.

Then as I was happily engrossed with the second episode of 'Children of Dune', they came by to visit grandma - my uncle, aunty and cousin and his girlfriend. He, my uncle, asked about my car. After telling him that it's still in the workshop, that I saw it last week, that it'll probably cost me RM1000+, he asked about the claims.

Uncle: How will you be paying?
Me: I'll pay them first and then the insurance will pay me back.
Uncle: You think they'll handle that for you?
Me: *beat* Yes. They said they will.
Uncle: Do you have the other party's police report? Claim information?
Me: *beat* No. They'll handle it. Anyway, I've made the police report and if the other party doesn't report it, he'll be called to court right?
Uncle: You think the police will bother with such small matters?
Me: *shrugs and walks back to the TV*

All the while thinking, I'm freaking hoping that my colleagues are right and that I won't need those information. Second guessing myself here cause as soon I realised that I didn't have any information about the other party, I was tempted to call the police station to ask if I can have that information. Also asked the workshop agent if they could give me that information but the assured me that they'll handle it for me. Now I'm thinking I should get it in black & white.

Gad! I don't want to think about this. Don't want to not have the other party's insurance not pay me back and then have everyone else coming back with me going "I told you so!"

Please, please Mr Workshop Agent. Don't screw me over. Make sure everything works out like I thought it will. Please!


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