Thursday, March 25, 2004

the exhibitionist

Last Friday, yes the same Friday of the accident, I got an email from Shafina of asked me if I would like to do this week's installment of the dailyMalaysia project. Said yes naturally since the project is based on volunteers who've submitted a request to be included in the project. My request was submitted weeks ago. Actually, it was submitted almost as soon as I found out about the project which was two to three weeks into the project.

Anyway, this time, there's also this mini-exhibition that's going to go on at the end of this week and Shafina said that my entries will be included if I agree to do this week's Hmmm ... me thought "... but my stuff is not good enough for exhibition." And then I thought again, " ... but this exhibition is about the dailyMalaysia project ie. of photos by everyday people." So I thought, "what the heck. Just do it!"

So, Shafina's gonna make one postcard each of 3 entries from her weekly contributors, place them up with a note card and visitors can take whichever postcard they like but will have to write down why they took the postcard.

Hmmm ... so when I go to the event, will my postcards still be there? Will my pictures be the only ones left untaken? I think I will feel a sense of dissappointment if they weren't. I know they're crap but still. Y'know?

I'll head for the event after the opera viewing. Peter's having a showing of Baz Luhrman's version of La Boheme at his studio. That should be interesting; the movie I meant, not the gathering at Peter's. Email Janet if she wanted to go with me but nothing from her yet. Why Janet? Cause she's a picture taking madwoman as well. :P Anyone else wanna go with me?

Oh yeah, Z, hope you don't mind me using your daughter's picture! I'll give you royalties when I get famous. ;)


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