Monday, October 11, 2004

first day of the rest of my life for the next 6 months

Last day of work at the office which I have been going to like a drone, day after day, for the past 4 1/2 years was uneventful. Unremarkable. No different from packing up at the end of each working day and going home. Except this time, instead of my usual water carrying bag, what I brought down was a corrugated box, one of those you get when you buy A4 papers in bulk. Imagine ... one box, after 4 years. I'd thought my table was more cluttered than that!

So, I had my last lunch, shook my colleagues hands and left.

Except for a frantic phone call from the girl who's taking over my project while I was driving home, didn't manage to say goodbye to her cause she wasn't in the office when I left, to reconfirm that she's allowed to call me if she needs any help with the project, that was that.

A week sure have passed by really fast.

That was last Tuesday. The day after I got back from a 4 days, 3 nights stocking trip to Bangkok.

Bangkok is like a huge pasar malam. A very large pasar malam which instead a weekly event, it is on every single day. With exception for Chatuchak market. An art market which is only open on the weekends. Chatuchak is so huge that you will definitely get lost within it's confines. If you ever find anything you like in Chatuchak, my advise is for you to buy it for you're unlikely to see the shop again ... well for me at least ... and I usually have a very good sense of direction!

Besides Chatuchak, we also scouted out Pratunam for our -- my biz partner and I -- goods. Most of our stocks are acquired at Pratunam. I am dissappointed at the prices we got though. We had definitely underestimated how much it would cost. My friend told me that prices are almost 20% - 25% below what we paid for when I decided to join her in the biz. *sigh* strike one!

As I've predicted, the stocks weighed more that my friend anticipated and we decided to courier them back instead of trying to smuggle them back as luggages. We did factor in this possibility except, again, my friend quoted me a figure which was 50% lower! strike two!

Two days later, on my first day of unemployment, I received a text from my friend that we're being taxed for our package! She managed to persuade the to lower down the tax (read: bawah mejalah!) to half the value which was still quite a large amount since it was a few hundred ringgit. strike three!

This is not boding well for the price of our goods. This means that the cost goes higher and I can't offer it at too low a price and I am wary as to whether people will buy our goods at the price we'll be selling them. *praying hard*

Bangkok wasn't all bad. We had delicious sausages from a cafe called S&P, not one really since it's a chain. In fact, we went there 3 days out of the 4. :) Also, I had nail art done. It looks really lovely, really. Cheap too! Sadly, my past three unemployed weekday last week was filled with bill paying, resolving matters regarding my car and house chores. The last having detrimental effects on my nice pretty nails. They're not so nice anymore. Especially the five digits on the right. The paint have begun to chip at the edges. Still looks fine from afar but up close, you can see all it's flaws.

Today, I've begun my first step in my new job. I've begun researching on the methods to create the application which I have been employed to do. I am still not certain how to go about it and hopefully, my friend (who is my boss now), won't be too dissappointed. He'll be coming over to discuss the project later. Hope he has more insight into how he thinks it can/should be build.


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