Tuesday, March 30, 2004

How's about a Pro standard guy for a partner?

I got this email as a result from an ad I'd posted in search of a dance partner.

Hi there, pleasure to meet you.

"I will definitely be in New York end of April beginning of May for try-outs."

My name is Ryno. I am responding to your ad about the dancing. You are looking for a male dancer. I must say that I do like your ad and it's nice to see that you love your latin dancing as much as I do. I am very interested in having a try out with you. It would be nice to perhaps meet with you.

Basically I am a Professional Latin American Dancer who lives in South Africa and I am currently the undefeated Pro Latin Show Dance Champion. I do need to stress this however, a try out costs nothing and there is nothing
so beautiful than 2 people dancing excellent together, but you know what, there is nothing that frustrates me more than dancers who "think" they are committed, dedicated or even disciplined but meantime they have no direction. There are many out there. It sounds like you know what you want and wants to get somewhere. I love that. I am extremely serious about my dancing and would not want to waste your time if we are not on the same wavelength.

I consider myself as a fun, passionate, warm and hard working person with a funny sense of humour.

Just a brief report on my dancing:
I represented South Africa in 2 World Pro Latin Championships, was selected as representative on 3 occasions for the World Show Dance Championships, came 14th in the 2001 World Show Dance in Miami, came 8th (semi-final) in the 2002 London Open Championships, best result in Blackpool Open Pro (32nd) 24th German Open, I am based in SA and compete internationally on a regular basis as I have a very supportive and loyal sponsor. My basis internationally is the Semly Studio in Norbury-London and my coaches have been so far Richard Porter, Barbara McCall, Denise Weavers, Pam McGill and Allan Fletcher. I train with the best in South Africa like Dave Campbell and Lillian Dooley. I weigh 78kg, my height is 1.82 and I am blonde and in a very very good athletic shape.

The only problem is that I cannot relocate because I run a fulltime dance studio so therefore I can offer accommodation and teaching to who thinks she is the right one. I am basically looking for a girl who can relocate but wants to dance competitions and shows.

I will send a photo to those who respond. My tel no is #######. E-mail address is: xxx@xxx.com or

Whoa! I'm still heady from reading that. Didn't expect a pro to answer to my ad. Actually, wasn't really expecting any replies since I did post it in an international forum ie. you won't see too many Malaysians hanging around.

Still, why in the world would an established pro be doing replying to my ad? I did specify my standard of dancing (Intermediate ie. nowhere near pro) as well as my height 1.53m. Someone who's 1.82m shouldn't be replying to someone so vastly shorter than him should he?

If I had lived in NY, would I have replied with an affirmative and try out for it? Probably not. Wouldn't want to waste his time plus I'd be overly intimidated. He's a freaking Pro for gadsakes!

Saturday, March 27, 2004


From Googlism:

callista is a supported software application
callista is not a panacea for all issues facing the oar and uws
callista is the name of monash university student information system
callista is on the move however
callista is an oracle based software solution that services universities? student administration needs
callista is first introduced
callista is a dampiel
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callista is left to face zad
callista is a functionally and graphically rich student information system designed to meet the needs of institutions operating in the tertiary environment
callista is not simply about student records
callista is now in summer coat and this can be interesting as it is much easier to assess the type visually without hands on
callista is determined not to wed the despicable fowler but fears that by refusing him her father?s political future will be jeopardized
callista is by far an odd individual
callista is australia's leading higher education software developer
callista is
callista is the name of qut's new student information system
callista is not intended to be the primary source of information relating to a student?s research candidature details outside of a normal
callista is mortally wounded as she attempts to shut down the automatic
callista is really wet
callista is similar to the acol time
callista is by far the more comprehensive student system i've worked on yet
callista is a two bedroom house which comfortably sleeps six people and is within very easy walking distance of the town center
callista is the source for syntellect products in canada
callista is their
callista is a character belonging to my friend laurie
callista is fanart from the show swat kats
callista is a rule driven system and as such if a school decides that prerequisites are a mandatory requirement of the course progression
callista is the name of the university of canberra?s new student information system
callista is a really stupid person
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callista is a trademark of deakin software services
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callista is 12 and she lives half the week with her other mom
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callista is smiling a sickly sweet smile>
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callista is a fictional character in the star wars universe
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Thursday, March 25, 2004

the exhibitionist

Last Friday, yes the same Friday of the accident, I got an email from Shafina of dailyMalaysia.org asked me if I would like to do this week's installment of the dailyMalaysia project. Said yes naturally since the project is based on volunteers who've submitted a request to be included in the project. My request was submitted weeks ago. Actually, it was submitted almost as soon as I found out about the project which was two to three weeks into the project.

Anyway, this time, there's also this mini-exhibition that's going to go on at the end of this week and Shafina said that my entries will be included if I agree to do this week's dailyMalaysia.org. Hmmm ... me thought "... but my stuff is not good enough for exhibition." And then I thought again, " ... but this exhibition is about the dailyMalaysia project ie. of photos by everyday people." So I thought, "what the heck. Just do it!"

So, Shafina's gonna make one postcard each of 3 entries from her weekly contributors, place them up with a note card and visitors can take whichever postcard they like but will have to write down why they took the postcard.

Hmmm ... so when I go to the event, will my postcards still be there? Will my pictures be the only ones left untaken? I think I will feel a sense of dissappointment if they weren't. I know they're crap but still. Y'know?

I'll head for the event after the opera viewing. Peter's having a showing of Baz Luhrman's version of La Boheme at his studio. That should be interesting; the movie I meant, not the gathering at Peter's. Email Janet if she wanted to go with me but nothing from her yet. Why Janet? Cause she's a picture taking madwoman as well. :P Anyone else wanna go with me?

Oh yeah, Z, hope you don't mind me using your daughter's picture! I'll give you royalties when I get famous. ;)

Monday, March 22, 2004

Bad driver

I had an accident while driving home from work on Friday.
Don't want to talk about it.
They say it's my fault and wrote me a fine.
I say it's the bad road signs. They laughed!
My car's out of commission for awhile. Back to old trusty benjy for the duration.
'nuff said.

When you see me on the road, just get off it or stop if you don't want anything to happen to your car.
I don't want to be at fault again!

Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Searching for a partner

Couples going through their steps. Recalling, practising, perfecting their routine. The cha cha music playing is not always significant to them as they go through their steps. Some doing the cha cha, some doing the samba and even some doing the waltz. All this while the cha cha music plays on. Not everyone is practising for a competition. Some just going through steps they've just learnt in class but as I sat there watching, a wave of sadness floated in.

Sad that I'm not one of them.
Sad that I don't have a routine to perfect.
Sad that I do not have a partner to practise with.
Sad that I'm not part of a competitive couple anymore.

I miss it.

My search for a new partner have been extremely unfruitful. My occasional request to my teacher for a partner also zip as he does not have any male students who are interested. Male dance partners are a rare breed. I did receive a phone call last year from a guy called Hudson who was also looking for a partner; think I got him through POng though I'm not 100% sure. Met up with him for a chat and that was as far as it went. I am not sure if he ever found a partner but it shouldn't be as difficult for a guy with the abundance of girls like me on the lookout. Next potential came from a posting I made in a Singaporean dance site. That came to nothing as well as his partner, whom he thought was going to stay in the UK for awhile, came back. So, he's practising with his partner now.

So, I've begun my search anew. Except through postings at websites, I don't know how else I am suppose to be going about this. I have been assured by a teacher at a rival group of schools that if I went to his place, I will have a partner as he has some students who are on the lookout. Will I have to change camp now, just so I'll have a partner? This other school, when they have their competitions, they're mostly out of state. The main reason that I have not jumped at the chance.

*sigh* Where are all the male latin dancers?

Paging for male latin dancers. One female latin dancer on the lookout for potential partner for competitions. Email me if you are out there!

Friday, March 12, 2004

Dinosaur extinction: A hoax!

Seems that more and more dinosaurs are being discovered to be alive and running/walking among us and not fossiled on rocks. Latest reported sighting is of a dog headed, croc tailed, three meters tall ancient. The report's kinda dubious though, not in the sense that it was in some tabloid or those sensationalised media, it was on The Age, a widely read Australian newspaper, but cause they said they found no trace of the creature.

How's that possible? A three feet tall animal with croc like tail not leaving a trace? Is the animal weightless? Was it sighted on tarred roads and was so light that it did not leave any trace of tail marks or footprints? That is simply amazing!

Tuesday, March 09, 2004


LOL ... SY would love to have this result.

Queen of Gossip

Remember [in the movie You've Got Mail] the time Meg Ryan's character, Kathleen, finally managed a retort to whatever Tom Hank's character, Joe, was saying while she was waiting to meet her email pen-pal at the restaurant? Remember how she felt after that? Thrilled at having been able to finally done it but then really disturbed at going against her ooey-gooey nice personality and be mean to someone?

Well, I'm kinda having that feeling but nothing as major as how she felt, I suspect. Just a really mild case.

I told someone (lets call him K), someone that I don't really know, well actually, I've only met that someone once, about something I've heard about a 'friend' of mine. I call him my 'friend' (let's call him G) but I'm not entirely sure how to categorise him as we don't actually hang out or anything but we do belong to the same club.

That something which I told K was that I heard that G is an absolute unfaithfull asshole of a boyfriend. How did I come about that information? From G's ex-girlfriend (she's L) who's also a friend of mine, who G told her while they were going out that I was a bitch and wouldn't advise her to befriend me when she told her she thought I was cool. This was at a time when I thought G and I was on friendly terms. That mother-fucking backstabber!

Why would I tell K about G? Because G is now dating C who's a colleague of K. I thought that if it's true that G is the mother-fucking-asshole that he is, then C should have a heads up on it. Also, from my observations of G and from what L told me and from how some of his 'best friends' have turned away from him, those kinda present a strong case against G. I deduction might be wrong and L might have just been a vengeful ex and therefore, for me to believe her would make me a bad friend. Added to that, for me to spread the information to K whom I don't even know that well, makes me doubly bad.

G called me the other day to confirm if I did tell K about him and I said yes. I see no reason to deny something when it's a fact -- unless it's for a punishable crime, of which I would then deny all claims! He accussedsaid that I was not being fair as I never did ask for his side of the story and my conclusions were all made from L's point of view. I told him that yes I was but then it was not just from what L told me, it was also from what I've observed and the actions of others who were his friends. He went on trying to trying to justify himself while intermittedly sprinkling "I'm not trying to justify myself" in between sentences.

The whole phone conversation was terribly awkard. I'm not used to these issues. I try to steer clear of these things usually. I don't have experience to deal with issues such as these. My side of the conversation was pretty quiet after my explaining to him why I did what I did and also to explain to him why L have cut loose of any contact with him. I mean, what else am I to say? I've already explained myself, there's nothing more to be said. So silence was my only option. I wanted several time to say "sorry but there's nothing else that I want to say to you. Goodbye." and put down the phone but that seems a bit rude cause he was still trying not to justify himself, so I didn't. When he stopped, I was still silent. He was silent. Was there a polite way to end this conversation? Very awkard.

I don't know where I'm going with this.

He asked me if I thought what I did was right. I said yes.
I said yes then but after I hung up, I started to doubt myself.
I began to think it was unfair of me to tell K about G. What concern of mine was this matter? None.
It was bad of me to turn/backstab my friend this way.
It was shit of me to be such a hypocrite. To dislike people who stabs people on their back and then turn around and be the one who's doing the backstabbing.

People, I'm basically a sucky person. Why I still have friends is a wonder to me.

To all my friends, thanks for still being my friend. If I ever backstab you, I'm sorry.

Thursday, March 04, 2004


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