Wednesday, September 10, 2003

Tricky tricky

Those who knows me will know that I have always dreamed of treading the boards. Ever since kindergarten, I can always be seen jumping around onstage in one thing or another. All of which abruptly stopped when I was 14; at the end of my ballet career illusion, when the parental units stopped my lessons.

Twas a sad sad day indeed.

Now that I'm independant (read: have some own money to spend), I have slowly crept back into the 'scene'. Starting with social dancing lessons at Benny's to the current lessons in PJ Dance. A few performances with the choir, a few latin competitions in 2002, a dance performance with MXV and a really short stint as a student at Batu Dance Theatre, which I quit cause 1. Contemporary dance is just too odd for me, and 2. they're in Klang and I always seem to be missing classes.

Anyway, in all of these, I've always been part of the group. Always blending in but always wishing to one day go solo. Never ever tried though cause I'm very doubtful of my capabilities.

All this is about to change come Saturday.

I was tricked ... yes! tricked! Into doing 2 solos. One's a ballet, which I have to choreograph and dance and another, 'I dream a dream' from Les Miserable. It's for a CIM function which Dennis, who's getting the group together, arranged with the organising committee of the function, which he only called to asked if I'd be able to join on Thursday.

He said ... it was gonna be a group thing.
He said ... I'll be dancing and singing.

I should have turned the thing down when he initially asked but being the hoarder that I am, I told him I'd do it. That was pre knowing about the he-didn't-says. I insisted on meeting him before the demo which we had to do for the organisers on Monday.

On meeting ... I found out that

He didn't say ... I'll be doing the ballet, solo!
He didn't say ... he doesn't have the pieces choreographed!

Well, he showed me what he had in mind for the ballet and I thought that it was absolute rubbish. Just a bunch of leg lifts and ron-de-jom en'lair. The audience must be incredibly stupid if they think that is ballet. It truly was rubbish. Believe me. I would not in a million years go up on stage and do what he wanted. Yucks! So, we/I started re-choreographing the piece. Can't manage to finish it though cause I ran out of ideas. Y'know lah, after 10 years of not doing ballet, suddenly asking me to dance it and choreograph, quite difficult. Can hardly remember steps. I had to go home and dig out all the movies I have that has ballet in them.

The day before the demo ... I found out that

He didn't say ... I'll be singing a solo.

He told me to do I dream a dream by memory for the demo! Yikes! Ok, I'm quite familiar with the song but I don't remember all the words. At least this is reasonably easy.

During the demo ...

He didn't say ... that they got turned down the first time!

Well, the dance wasn't completed so I just fudged through the rest of the music. Music which I'm not familiar with cause I don't have a copy of it. Got some applause after my rendition of "I dream a dream". I was shaking throughout the song ... needless to say, mucho vibrato! LOL

After the demo

He didn't say ... I'll be doing two other pieces.
He didn't say ... there will hardly be any practise, only one arranged is this Friday! The night before the show!

He's lucky that I did not balk when the head organiser said that they got turned down the first time. Why I was still smiling and agreeing to do the thing while I was driving him home? I'm still quite puzzled by that. I was slightly pissed that he didn't tell me the truth and slowly adding into my repertoire every time we speak. I was still being nice.

Why? Why? Why? I should have just said, "Sayonara mate! Not doing it anymore!".

And so I went to look for him yesterday to tell him that I won't be able to do the extra pieces. To tell him that the event organiser needed to know what to put down as our group's name for the programs. But he wasn't home and so I left him a message.

He called after 11pm. I told him all that. He kinda begged but I just can't do it. He'll just have to get the other girl to do it. I've not met the other three person who's in the group.

So, I'm finally doing a solo. After much prodding from Suzan and others in the Phil. I just hope I don't shake too much on that day. *fingers crossed*


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