Thursday, July 01, 2004

Hotmail joins in the mail storage war

Finally! Hotmail has decided to join the war of the I-give-more-storage-than-you war. Good for me and all free hotmail account users! Woo hoo! Yessiree bob! Hotmail is going to upgrade. They'll be giving all free mail subscribers 250MB of storage soon. A massive upgrade compared to it's initial miniscule 2M. Good onya! Percentage wise, even more than Yahoo! mail who just recently upgraded from 6MB to 100MB. Although, I think they must have missed a server cause one of my account have yet to benefit from the upgrade. Should probably drop them a line soon. Hmmm ...

Hotmail was my first free mail service. Got it way back in 1995? Or was it 1996? Even back then I couldn't get my name for an account. Guess I wasn't that much ahead of the pack huh? But at least I have my name for gmail now. Cool! I finally get one. Can't even purchase the domain with my name. Would it be extremely bad of me to wish that the company with the domain I want goes bankrupt so that the domain expires and returns to the public for repurchase soon?


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