Friday, September 05, 2003

thank you for the music

Funkapella was rockin'. The Wicked Pitches were in good voice indeed today. This would be the first that I've seen of their performances. They would usually come in during choir rehearsal, when they have a show coming up, for a little preview and they've always sounded great but I've never ever been to their shows. Why is that the case I don't really know. Busy mayhaps? Or just not my cup of tea? Not really cause I'm in a choir! Heck! If that's not my cup of tea then what is? Most probably just being an el cheapo and don't wanna fork out moolah for a full singing show.

I got a comp this time so no money forking over. Yay! And what a show. Some out of tuning happening but it was mostly good! Great harmonies and effective staging.

Wonder if JC knows this blog is mine. Anyway, this was the sort of staging I thought we were going to have for our choir's MMM. Not that funny amaturish rubbish that we did on Wednesday. *shudders* Been bitching and complaining about it with some of the other about it too. Don't we always think we can always do better, huh? ;) Yet, when asked to volunteer, we never raise our hands. Hee hee.

But seriously, that thing we did on Wednesday? Seriously won't do. Nah uh. No way, Jose!

Hoping for a serious brainstorming exercise before Monday's practise to point this out to JC and get the opinion of others! Sheesh! You won't believe what we did and what JC wanted to pass off as movements. Ewwwwe!


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