Friday, May 02, 2003

gambling and ballet

the company

Elizaveta Nebesnaya & Borzov Alexey, Nutcracker pas de deux ... I think
Genting is a terribly boring place to visit.

What I meant was, it's boring if you don't do much gambling and you do not have any friend in which to venture out to the outdoor park for rides. Somehow the thought of going on the roller coaster, screaming your head off even though you're not the least bit terrified, doesn't feel the same without having some friends around doing the same. Which was why I didn't pay to go in the park.

Strange ... I remember the park being free when I was young. We didn't have to pay anything just to be there. Just had to pay for the rides. Now it's like Dreamworld or Movieworld where you pay the entrance and ride to your heart's content.

So, basically I spent most of the weekend roaming the First World Hotel. There's only so much to roam. It's kinda small.

Now ... why was I there and submit myself to such utter boring-ness?

For the ballet. The Russian Ballet - Revival was there. I wasn't even planning to go but then when my mum asked, I didn't say no. So we got tickets for it and there I was. The tickets were free! Mum's been collecting lots of points on her membership card from all her previous visits and we could redeem the points for tickets. :)

The company was good. I especially liked Olga Kuznetsova (I think), the soloist who did the Swan Lake pas de deus. I think she's got very good musicality(?). The other ballerina, Elizaveta Nebesnaya, who has a higher billing was really good as well, her extension was really good but she doesn't seem as expressive as Kuznetsova. Too bad I couldn't quite get a picture of her. Camera's too slow to take action shots. *shucks* These two were about the only good pictures of the dozen or so that I took.

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