Tuesday, April 08, 2003

spend, spend, spend

new laptop.
new car.
new shelves.

More than half my savings is gone. Nevermind, I'll console myself with all the nice new things that I have.
Hmmm ... need to buy more stuff.

CD player for the new car.
A new TV for my new room. (I'm like a nomad. Just changed room a year ago and now again!)

Should I get a new PC? Managed to get parts of PC from Cris and trying to see if I'll work with my HP PC that is kaput. I'm missing my keyboard and mouse. Nobody knows what happend to them. It just vanished. Anyway, those won't do anyway. The PC I got from Cris is an old Pentium. It uses a serial mouse and a different keyboard cable (the old ones not the PS2 ones. I don't know what they're called.). Maybe I can sneak some from the office to try them out.

Righto! Need to get my ass over to Bangsar so that I can finally print those holiday pictures. There's about 140 pieces so that's gonna place a further dent in the wallet.

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