Tuesday, April 15, 2003

organ and voices

The concert at the DFP went ok. I thought the rehearsal was better. It sounded a little draggy yesterday. Slow.

BUT ... it was still well attended for a Monday 6pm show. I didn't think it would be since it's so close to work hours.

Earlier that day, sent out my first ever batch of nervousness mass postcard swap. My first nervousness experience. Can't wait for the other 24 postcards to come my way.

Also have a set of free postcards that I'm to swap with this other girl. Have the cards in an envelope, addressed and stamped. Just need to add a little note into it.

And my third swap would be a CD for postcard swap. I send her a postcard and she'll send me an Adam Sandler CD? Or was it Jerry Seinfeld? Which ever. I'm just curious about a comedic CD. I've never bought one before. For this swap, I'll need to go hunt for a card. Saw some promissing ones last night. I'll keep looking though.

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