Friday, April 11, 2003

sean ghazi

celebrity schmooze

His voice is gorgeous. Very musical theatre. Very high swoon factor. *sigh*

Went to watch him sing at No Black Tie last night after Marc Rochester's rehearsal. Didn't know about it until Suzan called and asked if I was interested in going late that afternoon itself! I'm glad she called. Suz didn't think that much of the theatre circle will be there that night cause Lew told her that the whole bunch of them from Dramalab and what not were there the night before.

She was wrong.

There were a whole bunch of the dominating the table in the middle. Mostly the cast from Spilt Gravy. Oh and Fang was there and saw Gavin Yap as well. Lots of theatre people.

Now ... I wonder why I never see them in other shows done by lesser known people? ... but then, I don't go to too many shows anyway. :)

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