Tuesday, October 30, 2001

Monday ...

Woke up when I heard the sound of my friend preparing to got to work. She was wearing her punjabi costume and was stuggling with the string of her pants. It's a drawstring pants and the strings dissappeared into the ... what do you call that part where the string goes through for a drawstring pants? ... anyway, I tried to get it out for her after she gave up and I did manage to get it out.

Tried to get back to sleep after that but couldn't so I just lay in bed and read.

My alarm rang at 9am. I was still to lazy to get up so I continued reading till about 9.30am. Then I got ready for a shower. Walked out to the hall and got distracted by some magazines. Finally got into the showers after about 45 minutes. Packed up everything that needed to be packed and then called Anne ... I was suppose to join her today. Anne said that I was to meet her at Lucky Plaza at 12pm and we'd be going for hi-tea later.

Got to BK's too late for a BK breakfast so I had a bacon and cheese burger meal. Next went to Lush to get Mask of Magnamity for my sister. As usual, it's out of stock. They asked if I wanted to be included in the waiting list. Yes, there's a waiting list for face mask! This face mask sells like hot cakes. Don't blame it, it feels incredible when you put it on and your face feels really clean after that. It's about 12pm time to meet Anne and Regina.

Called Anne from a public phone at Lucky Plaza. They're still at home! Will probably get there at about 1pm.

Okay, let's listen to some music in the mean time. Headed toward Tower Records. It's missing! I wonder where Tower's went. Couldn't find it at the place where I saw it the last time I came a few months ago. In it's place is Lifestorey - a furniture/interior decor store. Pretty nice pieces. Expensive though.

Hung around Borders looking through all the 2002 calendars and listening to Harry Connick, Jr. and Ella Fitzgerald. Couldn't find a recording for Babes In Arms. All my watches are dead so I don't have the time. Asked a passing guy for the time ... It's 1.30pm! I'm late!

Rushed to Lucky Plaza ... a difficult task in the long sarong wrap around I had on. No Anne or Regina to be seen. Called them again. They're one stop away from Orchard Road - location of Lucky Plaza.

They finally arrived half an hour later. We went shopping at OG Plaza. Not a place I'd go on my own ... I'm a snob. Got a pair of shorts there though. So that's okay. Saw a pair of sandals which was quite nice but expensive. Not worth the price.

Time to fill the stomach. I was still a little full from my late breakfast but I never say no to food and besides, my legs are kinda tired after all the walking. The hi-tea was okay. Not fantastic but I filled my stomach to the brim anyway ... do stomachs have brims? They wanted to do more shopping so we went. After that, it was time to go home for a little rest before heading for the bus station for the journey home. I thought there was still some time so I said goodbye to them and went to browse HMV for about an hour.

Got home to Thana's place. Someone's home. It's her co-worker. I've talked to him on the phone before earlier today when I was looking for Thana. He said Thana gave him a tongue lashing for not informing her that I called earlier. Haha ... can't imagine Thana getting angry at anyone. She's got this cute looking face like a little girl's. Anyway, I called Thana to check whether she'd be back before I had to leave but she has to work late so I'd probably see her maybe next month in Penang. That's where she lives and my aunt lives there and when my aunt in UK comes back in November, we might go up to Penang. Had my shower, flipped through a mag and left the house.

Anne and Regina will be picking me up at a taxi stand near Boon Lay MRT station. I got there early and had a drink. They came and we drove to the interstate bus station. The bus was already there and people were boarding it but it was still early. We're suppose to leave at 10pm. So we stopped by at McDonalds for a short while cause Regina's children wanted to eat. Anne and I said goodbye to everyone and boarded the bus. We were the last to board. More goodbyes and promises to visits later, we were off. Goodbye Singapore ... see you in a month! I'm watching Porgy and Bess next month.

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