Wednesday, October 31, 2001


It's halloween's and to me, this also means the birthday of devil's child aka my sister, Tricia.

She's on her way to Macau now for another competition so we had to celebrate her birthday a day earlier. Not much of a celebration. Just a family dinner at a nice restaurant. Not everyone managed to make the dinner anyway. Brother had a meeting and grandma had a last minute call from grandaunt requesting her presence cause she's feeling really sick. My mom say's it's all in grandaunty's mind, cause she's old and a lot of people she knows is dying. I hope I don't get like that when I'm old or if I get old.

Let's get away from morbid stories ... anyway, after dinner, we were all suppose to go home for the cake. The cake's my present for my sister. On the way home, Trish called and said she's on the way to meet her friends and won't be back till about 11pm. I was hoping to get the cake cutting and everything out of the way cause I'm having this pounding headache, results of the lack of sleep ... more about that later. Okay, fine, so we'll have the cake later.

I decided to take a little nap till Trish gets home. Stef, my other sister, said she'd wake me when Trish gets back.

Next thing I knew, it was morning. I didn't even change into my PJs but at least the headache's gone.

Managed to catch Trish before she left for the airport this morning to cut the cake. She oooh-ed and aaah-ed when she saw the cake. She's never had that cake before. It's called 'Heavenly'. Taste as good as it's name. I got it from this Norwegian restaurant called 'Nouveau Paradis' in Damansara. My friend took me there once for that cake. The cake cost a bomb, $80, but it's worth it. Delicious. Anyway, Trish cut about a quater of the cake for the road. She didn't have time to eat it at home. Hope she likes it. Even if she doesn't, at least I had 'Heavenly' for breakfast this morning.

Oh yes, my lack of sleep ... just that the bus ride from Singapore got to Kuala Lumpur at 3am yesterday morning. Got to bed about four something before waking up to go to work at 7 plus. So that's less than 3 hours. Also had a bitchy argument with Trish while she's driving me home from the bus terminal.

Y'see, I borrow her sweater a long time ago and she was going 'Why didn't you ask me if you could borrow it?'

I was going, 'It was ages ago. I don't remember whether I did ask your permission or not.'

Then she went, 'It's not my fault. You're not even apologizing for not asking.'

I was a little confused there cause I didn't know I'd put the blame on her. Anyway I was peckish after the long ride and the ungodly hour and didn't want to back down so we just went on bickering for a few more moments. About me being bitchy and rude, which I said I was just following her example. She said I shouldn't be following what she does cause I'm the elder one. I went, 'Oh well, I can't help it. You're such and idol.'

I gave up after that. Didn't speak till we got home.

Her boyfriend was also in the car. He must be thinking that Trish must be so pityfull to have a sister like me. If he only knew. I thank them both for picking me up from the bus terminal as sweetly as though that bitchy incident never happened.

So, I'm a bitch. So what? Sue me!

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