Tuesday, October 30, 2001

Flashback ... the final installment!

Sunday ... last day of comps

Our game's against the Plantations team this morning with the finals this afternoon. Highly likely we'll be in for the finals. Just have to win 1 match today but 2 matches would provide better security. They rested me for this game. The 2nd ladies who moved up to play first ladies lost ... *boo hoo* ... plus she got a muscle pull. Have to give credit to May of Plantations though. She played really well today. Maybe she's taking revenge for having lost to the SSC lady. We won the second ladies and 2 other mens so WE'RE IN THE FINALS!!!

Another miserable lunch ...

The finals ...
We play SSC again. I felt more confident playing this time around. Don't remember the scores but I played better this time. Still some faults on services though. Hmmm ... have to work on those. The 1st men singles played before I did and we won that. So the score was 1-0 us before I started. Then 2-0 us after I finished. The third game was a close one. a 5 setter. Melvyn (2nd men's single) won the first two game but then dropped the next two. Luckily he managed to stay on during the fifth game. We were making so much noise during his game, shouting and yelling encouragement as well as laughing at his silly mistakes ... we can do this for Mel's game cause he laughs at them himself. And then VOILA! We've won! The 2nd ladies and 3rd men's singles were also played as a formality. Final score was 4-1 SDSC ... YAY!

We were the last game to finish. Everyone was waiting for us at the fields for the closing ceremony. There was a little performance for the closing ceremony. They had an all female bagpipe group playing and also a girl doing that Scottish dance with the sword. People in my groups keep asking me to go up and join the girl cause the skirt I was wearing was also a red plaid skirt like hers except mine was a lot shorter ... it's a sports skirt. I didn't go up of course. Didn't want to steal her thunder ... heh heh ... actually I didn't dare go up ... me chicken. Prize giving ceremony. Our group got load and loads of prizes. Champs for 3 games, runner up for 3 or 4 other games and we won the overall champion cup! Yay! Yay! Yay! Lot's of picture taking followed.

SSC the organiser for this year's games then gave us hi-tea. Better food that the lunches they gave us. Lots of food to go around as well. Went back to the hotel tired but happy.

A quite shower and a phone call later, I was off to meet my friend who's on a project in Singapore. My teammate, Anne, was also staying back in Singapore for an extra day. The rest of the team will be heading back for Malaysia at 10pm tonight. Anne's godsister Regina came to get her and dropped me off at my meeting point with my friend. I didn't know exactly where she lived but I knew the MRT station that's near both mine and her place. My friend, Thana, arrived at the same time I did and her place was only 10 minutes walk from the station. Short walk but with my heavy bag and racquet, I was sweating buckets by the time I got to her place.

After resting a few minutes and a bit of a chat, haven't seen her for almost a year!, we went out for dinner at Sketches. I like going to Sketches. They have a very interesting concept. Their usual menu is a list of choices you can have on your pasta, a lot like making your own pizza. You chose the type of pasta you want, the topping, the sauce, whether you want cheese and the size (hungry or famished!). Cute. One of the waiters chatted with us a bit after his shift. Only a short chat. He doubled back to get our numbers but I didn't give it to him cause 1. I live in Malaysia, 2. he's not yummy, kinda geeky ... I know, I know. I should judge a person by their looks. Just call me superficial. I like people who looks good or at least I think looks good. We were stuffed after dinner and decided to walk off our dinner. Took the MRT to Raffles Place and walked along Boat Quay(again!) and across the bridge all the way to City Hall. We saw Chjimes near City Hall. Our original destination for dinner except I don't remember how to get there and neither did Thana. So I suggested Sketches and since she has never eaten there, we went. Took the MRT back to her place and went to sleep.

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