Tuesday, October 30, 2001

I'm back!

We won the squash champion trophy and the overall champion trophy! Yay! ... and since it's the third time we've won these 2 trophies, we get to keep them for good. They'd have to get new trophies for next year. Oh ya, we also won 2 more champion trophies and several runner ups.

Flashback ...

On Friday, the journey started late cause they left the first pick up point at 3pm; the appointed time for pick up point #2 (where I was waiting). Anyway, the bus was pretty nice. I've got both seats to myself. Lots of room to stretch ma legs. Down point of the journey, the utterly incompetent tour guide and bus rules. We weren't allowed to eat in the bus ... and there I was stocking up on munchies before the journey. What a waste. The tour guide also tried dispensing some jokes which nobody laughed at. He always ends up laughing at his own jokes. He even said so himself, he said 'I'm so embarrassed, I told a joke and I'm the only one laughing'. I don't know if his jokes were funny or not cause I wasn't paying any attention to him. I had my book and I was happily reading it.

When we got to Singapore, we got lost a little. The bus driver knew the road in which the hotel is located but not exactly the location of the hotel. Once again, the tour guide's incompetence came into the limelight. Firstly, he didn't have the lot number of the hotel. So even when we were on Geylang Road, where the hotel is, we didn't know whether we were going down the correct way along the one-way road. Luckily, my team captain had the lot number, I remember it being on the briefing handouts that were given to us. Surprise, surprise, we were going the wrong way. Fine. So the easiest thing to do now would be to turn back where we came from before getting into Geylang Road right? NO! I kept telling the guide that we were going the wrong way and that we should turn back. He didn't want to listen and just kept going further and further down that road until we got to the end. All this while, I didn't know he had a map which directs us to the hotel. Finally, I took the map from him and me and another guy, Raslan, I think it was, tried to make out where we were suppose to go. I remember passing Sim's Avenue which was on the map and asked the bus driver to go there. That's the main road that goes along Geylang Road. Common sense says that since we were heading towards the wrong end of Geylang Road and since Geylang Road is a one way street, all we had to do was to go further along Sim's Ave. before turning into Geylang Rd. ... and now that we have a map, we know exactly when we're suppose to turn. Lo and behold, after say 15 minutes, we got to the hotel! It was 11pm. We should sack that bleeding useless guide. After settling in, we went to a nearby stall to have supper. We had something called a Roti John (John's Bread). It's half a french bread stuffed with lettuce, tomatoes, cheese and fried egg topped with mayo. Delish. I was told that they serve this in Malaysia as well. Hmmm ... never eaten that nor seen that on the menu before. Must not be too popular where I live. Next it was off to bed on a full stomach after a long day of travelling.

... to be continued

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