Thursday, October 25, 2001

Yesterday after work, I went to a briefing for the games this weekend held at the company's main office in the city. There was the usual talk about the necessities like passport and who sits in which bus and who's sharing a room with who and such. Oh yes, there was a bit of a hoo hah when we were told how much allowance we will each receive for our dinner while in Singapore (all meals provided except dinners). We'll be getting a whoopping S$15. Hahaha! I'm wondering what food I can actually buy with that measely amount. I'll be in charge of a room on the last day. They've secured several rooms in the hotel on the last day for us to dump our bags and to refresh ourselves. No use wasting the money for all rooms used by players if we're not going to stay the night. 'Waste of money', they said. So we're divided into several groups and I'm in charge of the room key for one of the groups.

After all the speeches, we had ourselves some food. The sports club provided dinner for the briefing. We were also given our stuff. 2 t-shirts (1 red, 1 blue), a pair of tracksuit (in red and silver ... I thought it looked like umbrella colors), a large sports bag (also red and silver) and a document bag given by the travelling agency that's handling our travels. Not a bad haul.

So, since I've got a sprained ankle, I cancelled dance practise with my dance partner. Got home and felt like I needed something to do. My sister was around so I asked her if she wanted to watch a movie. There aren't many movies playing that we haven't already seen or was interested in watching. We decided on watching 'Spinning Gasing'. It's a local production. From what I've read about the movie, it managed to get into some film festivals in America and was quite well received by the critics. But does anyone really listen to the critics anyway? I certainly don't. I've enjoyed quite a number of movies that the critics gave the thumbs down and slept through several that they described 'riveting' ... 'absolutely marvelous' etc ... noteably 'Chungking Express'. I just don't get that show. Didn't think there was anything interesting in that movie.

Back to 'Spinning Gasing'. For this movie, I quite agree with the critics. It was a pretty nice movie. About love, culture and preservation of culture and personal identities. My fave character would be the gay guy played by Edwin R. Sumun. Edwin Sumun was just hilarious in this movie. Granted, his character seems pretty easy to portray ... the typecasted behaviour of a gay guy with the pretty walk and highly expressive hand movements. He delivers his lines so effortlessly you don't even know a funny moment's coming up. Funny, funny guy. Must remember to catch him live in a play or something. He's a prominent figure in the local theatre scene. The male and female lead were okay and so was that Chinese-French girl. The ending was kinda abrupt though. I agree with my sister when she said that the ending made you just think 'okay ...'. No 'awww ...' or 'ahhhhh ...' just 'okay ...'. Think the ending could have been better but all in all an enjoyable film.

When I got back home, I just got into bed and read a little. Kept dozing off so I decided to sleep.

It was early in the morning when my sleep was disturbed. My sister ... other sister ... just got back from Melbourne. Everyone was in the hall talking. Everyone being my mother, brother and two sisters. I thought I could just ignore them and go back to sleep. Tried and tried but just keep hearing their voices. I don't know how long I tried going back to sleep before I finally dragged myselft out of bed and just shushed them from my room door ... my room door faces the house's front door where they were gathered. I heard my youngest sister say something like '... now look who's the grumpy one ...'. I just thought whatever man! I need my sleep. They dispersed after a few minutes and I managed to go back to sleep. Ahhhh ...

Got an SMS from my co-worker asking me to inform our company secretary that he and another co-worker are at the Windows XP launch. I've completely forgotten that the launch is today! It was a good presentation except the 'Remote Access' demo didn't work. They blamed it on the wireless LAN they were using. Heh heh! It's Windows. I think that's quite expected. Anyway, XP looks pretty good for a Windows user. Linux and Solaris users should be used to ability to have several people using the same PC without logging off. There are other features as well that other little softwares out right now is capable in reproducing. So, the good thing is all this is now available to Windows users and all in one package. Can't list the features cause I didn't get the broucher package. I was late for the event. Saw a co-worker of mine got a CD carrying case from Intel. I should attend more of these launches and seminars to collect all the freebies. :o)

And now I'm back in the office 'working'. The email feature for my program still isn't working. My co-worker's still tyring to configure sendmail to get it working. Hopefully it'll be up by today.

Hmmm ... what do I have to do tonight? Nothing I think. Will get to watch Roswell and La Femme Nikita tonight. There's also the other series Boston Public on the other channel. Not sure what that one's like. Haven't had time to watch it yet. I used to have dance class on Thursday.

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