Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Patience young padwan

Patience. With patience we can overcome almost anything whilst without it we can ruin almost anything.
Patience can help us turn our dreams into reality (losing weight, starting a business or blog). It can help us be better parents, spouses, friends and even strangers (sometimes a smile from an understanding stranger can make the biggest difference when you are having a bad day). If you are patient you do not have to worry about the minutes spent in traffic or in the line at the grocery store. With patience you can see results in all your endeavors and you do not have to spend the precious time of your life getting mad or infuriated.
-- 5 Essential Zen Habits for Balanced Living
Patience ... something I really do not have. Neither with myself not with other people; especially with other people.

When it is impatience with self, I have only to talk to myself and get myself to buck-up or persevere.

How should you handle is when it isn't within your control. When someone else's pace is slower, less precise, less than what you need ... JUST ... NOT GOOD ENOUGH!

What about Time waits for no man?


  1. Patience *is* a virtue. But, when all else fails, a high kick to the head on the count of 8 can do wonders for you.

  2. Just face the fact you are not a patient person no matter how hard you try.

  3. I hate missing you.



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