Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I Love Koffee

It was close to 11am and I was feeling hungry. I guess that happens when you forget to each breakfast, huh?

So I went downstair, with all the intention of heading towards the nearby Old Town kopitiam but ended up in I Love Koffee instead.

The decor for the place is great. They've got different styles for different nooks and since nobody was there I could have picked any nook. However, thinking that I wanted to eat, a comfy soft sofa might not have been so ideal; I picked a sensible two seater table.

Although their pricing starts from RM4.90 as they have pasted in huge numerics on their window, that's only for a pastry and coffee. For an additional RM2 I could have had an omelette. Hmmm ... quite expensive for just that, I think.

I opted for the Tom Yum Noodles at RM8.90 and an Ice Rose Tea.

The rose tea arrived first. Rose tea my arse! Rose syrup tu rose syrup la. Baka!

Next the Tom Yum Noodles. Huh? Tom yum flavoured instant noodles with crabstick, some prawns, lettuce and onions?! What the hell, I could have had better at home. Urgh!

I hope to hell that this is cause I just simple have chosen the most wrong-est (yes this is a word now) food in the whole place. Should have opted for the chicken maybe, hopefully it would be better.

So, the food there is not great at all to me but I still like the setting of the place. Maybe I'll just go back with some manga and have coffee. Can they screw up coffee much?

Oh yeah, I didn't bring my camera, so no pictures, you want pictures, go read Vonvon's Interest of the place.

I Love Koffee
Location: K Gallery 1-01, 1st Floor, Lot 44667, Bandar Sri Manjalara, 52200 KL
Mon - Thurs:
10:00 am - 12:00 am
Fri - Sun:
10:00 am - 2:00 am


  1. darling.....i tried the tom yum just now after reading your arse blog just to see if you are a hater.... i think you should just go mamak as looking at 8.90 ... u expected maybe large prawns and perhaps a real crab? take a arse!!!! your arse is suitable to sit at mamak or old town.. : ) Their tom yum is delicious

  2. No actually, I wasn't expecting large prawns nor real crabs. I just did not expect instant noodles. No offence to instant noodles cause I do love instant noodles but this arse just wasn't expecting to be served instant noodles when she ordered Tom Yum Noodles.

  3. hahhaha.joke of the day

  4. I don't get it but if it tickles your fancy, hope you had a good laugh.

  5. who in the world will try a badly reviewed food? i have never heard of someone that saw a bad review, and quickly go and try it.

    it must be the owner googling his own place, and seeing bad reviews, try to discredit the reviewer using insults and ridicule.




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