Thursday, June 10, 2010

Downtime and the beginning of a new production

So Sadako is now done.

The second day was definitely smoother than the first.
We'll just take the first day as technical run, eh? ^^

Missing everyone!

Yesterday was a good rest day save for a potential business meeting at night.
After that was R&R.
Read a bunch of mangas.

A friend asked if I was available to be assistant dance captain for his production.
Unfortunately, I'm already attached to another production and wouldn't be able to.

Seems like I'm getting a lot of opportunities this year all of a sudden.
This would be the second production I had to turn down.
Wow! I have to turn down shows. So unbelievable!

There will be a photo shoot with a magazine? newspaper? for the next production later this evening.
I will have two weeks of no rehearsals before rehearsals begins.

Will try to fit in as much dance practise as possible in those two weeks.
Also need to stop eating so much.
Keep wanting to munch munch munch.
Whatever weight people think I've lost; I must have put them all back by now.

Lets try the 7 days diet again.


  1. You are such a liar. Your action speaks louder than words. Why do you say one thing but mean another. The truth would be good.

  2. What's the 7 days diet? Share! Share!

  3. Bitch

    Peter Williams

  4. @Anon What did I say and what did I do? What did I lie about? I'm confused.

    @gracieq I'll email you ok?

    @Peter Williams As with Anon ... WTF?



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