Wednesday, June 25, 2003

high ambitions

For someone who has no props, no costumes and not to mention time, what Dennis have in mind seems quite ambitious.

What he had in mind is something akin to what was done for Hey! Mr Producer. Singing, dancing and some serious blocking. We have no money so getting props could be a problem and costumes ... we'll just have to scour our wardrobes for them. Ok. That's fine. I'm sure we can find things appropriate enough.

The thing is ... he's aiming for corporate shows. Sound systems would probably be provided by where ever the show would be. The likelyhood of getting body mics for such shows so that we can do the dancing and blocking is slim to nada. Think ... if we're gonna do It's a Hard Knock Life, he has in mind us on all fours pretending to scub the floor. Now, which hand would I hold the mic and how will I be able to sing while scrubbing, holding the mic to my mouth and trying to balance so that I don't fall flat on my face?!

Well, me and another girl pointed out that for things such as corporate shows, maybe we don't need such serious movements. Just some light blocking. I also suggested that we get notes for the pieces that we're going to do so that everyone will be singing the same note at the same time and so that our entries are clean. We might know the songs but we'll have different interpretations and emphasis and that wouldn't work as an ensemble. It'll sound a mess.

Dennis says he'll rethink things.

They went off for a discussion after that to discuss the possible Kuantan gig. The company only wanted 3 people so I'm out.

I'm wondering whether they're discussing about me as well. Y'know whether they should let me into their little group. Or maybe Dennis is thinking letting me in is not such a good idea anyway since I seem to be giving out just too many comment/criticsm.

He's suppose to call me today to see if we're going to rehearse tonight but my phone hasn't rung even once today.

Am I out then?

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