Thursday, June 26, 2003


As an owner of a site, I have, naturally, always hoped that people would come across it and occasionally like it enough that they might come back for a return visit. What I have never really counted on was for people who I have a semblance of regular contact chancing upon the site and reading it. Which is why I seldom censor the things that I write in here.

I have met a fellow blogger and latin dancer once and do sometimes visit his blog as well but I don't mind that cause I don't really know the guy so he can make whatever opinion he have of me and I won't give a damn. Nor do I really mind Colin, whom I've met but he doesn't really know who I am, cause the chance of me ever meeting him again and telling him who I am is zippo.

But these are people who I meet weekly. Yes I'm talking about you two bozos. Yep. You know who you are. I do implore the two of you not to leak out this little spot of mine to the others. Please! I'll belanja you teh tarik. Just don't, ok?

From now on, I'm not gonna post overly personal stuff (not like I do much of that anyway) and keep it more to what's interesting that comes across this puny unimaginative mind of mine. Stuff like the Bahasa Malaysia post ... which makes more interesting read, no? Therefore, postings might be few and far between from now onwards ... ie. fewer than now.

I'm gonna find another hole to moan about all my personal crap.

Cheers all.

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