Monday, June 23, 2003

surprise call

Received a surprise call in the middle of my char kuey teow during lunch today. A bright, chirpy voice which sounded quite familiar and yet could have been several people that I know. Since his number wasn't in my mobile's memory, I have not idea who it was until he told me.

Twas Mr. Bohemia ... Dennis.

Dennis is what I would categorise, thanks to my 12 weeks of Families in Society class back in 95, as an acquiantance. He was there for the rehearsal of Michael Voon's Deadly Sins piece which we did erm ... last year(?). Anyway, he dropped out in the end cause the dates of the performance kept getting bumped here and there and due to personal reasons. Maybe him being the only other male dancer beside Michael had something to do with it? I don't but I don't think that's it. He probably had a clash with another production. He's majorly into the arts and is quite at odds with his family be

Anyway, he called with news that he has several projects coming up and was wondering if I might be interested in some of them. I think he cited three projects (the kopitiam was quite noisy and couldn't hear him quite clearly). Something about a corporate gig which should pay about RM250? Something with the people from Natra; I'm hoping by this he meant the people as in the performers and not the directors (the bastards who rejected me :p).

AND lastly, I heard something about "Little Shop of Horrors". COOL! Now that one caught my attention. Heh heh.

Will be meeting up with him tomorrow after work for more information. *fingers crossed*

Whoops! He called again. They're starting rehearsal tomorrow nite so he'd like to confirm things tonight. So, I'm meeting him later tonight after choir.

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