Wednesday, March 19, 2003

just browsing

While awaiting someone else to finish their part before resuming with my work, I browsed ...

  • Real life 'Face/Off'
    I'm wondering how friends and families of the deceased would react. Also, will the face look the same once it's transplanted? If you had almost different bone structure from your donor, would you still look like your donor? Or would bone structure be one of the criteria when choosing a donor?

  • Indian-American Child Having Difficulty Finding Bicycle License Plate With His Name On It [The Onion - VOLUME 39 ISSUE 10]
    I don't know what he's been complaining about. I've been searching for the past 25 years for a paraphanelia bearing the exact spelling of my name to no avail. Think I'll have to manufacture my own if I badly want one. Good luck kid!

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