Thursday, March 20, 2003


Staging directions by Mr Phillip Chai is simply disasterous. It's all a mess but he seems to like it. Am feeling quite at a loss as to what we really are suppose to do on opening night. Hopefully the Malaysian-Singaporeans involved will do something about it this weekend.

Lew says he's gonna reject the offer for Natra - The Musical cause they only gave him an ensemble part and is only paying RM6000 for 4 months of work. Quite a low payout considering the number of hours they are requesting; 7pm-11pm weekdays and whole day weekends. I also know of one other guy who's gonna turn it down cause he got a role in Tosca and would rather do that to Natra. So two's out.

So, since his no longer doing Natra, Lew, now, has time to finally do the intermediate level of his Musical Theatre course; which he asked me to ask the rest of them from the Intro class if they were interested. Promised him that I'd send out an email but haven't done it yet. I'll go send one out now ... although, judging by what we went through in the Intro class, I would hazard a guess that a majority of them will not be interested.

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