Monday, March 17, 2003

shoot the messenger

After 25 years, you'd think I'd have learnt my lesson.
And yet, it happened again yesterday.

My brother moved out a couple weeks ago. Thing is, he's moved out but hasn't cleared out.

Plans have been made, not by me, for me to move into his room so that my dad can convert my room into his office cum entertainment center. So, problem is, in my view, I can't move into his room until he has moved his things out. AND in my view, I shouldn't move his things out for him, as suggested by everyone else in the family, because it's his private personal things. ... plus, there is quite a lot of things left and I do admit that I am too lazy to do it ;)

My dad told me to give him a ring to ask him to come pack his stuff.

I did ... and got an earfull from him for asking him to come back now to do it. Somewhere along the conversation he also picked up that I asked him to do it in two hours. I did not specify a timeline. What I said was, papa wants to set up office in my room so I have to move into his room, so, could he come over and pack up his stuff or would he rather I do it for him. The come-back-and-do-it-no edit was relayed to him after my dad yell that message over my shoulder.

He came stomping back while I was in the showers. Mood blacker than any cloud I've seen and of course most of that anger directed at him for having been the 'bringer of glad tidings'.

Back in the kitchen, got another earful from my mom for calling my brother and not just clearing the room as she asked. I argued that it's not my right to clear his room full of personal things. He wouldn't like it ... I know, I've experienced this when someone cleared up my room while I was studying and came back roomless, all my worldless possessions in a tiny little box.

Of course, I get another lecture about how this is not how things work and how I'm so totally idealistic and shouldn't go by what I think is right but what everyone is actually doing instead. Maybe I should enrol in some finishing school instead just to learn how I'm suppose to act! Besides that also got the I'm just trying to teach you how you should be acting and how you should learn of my weaknesses ... mainly the raising of voice when I'm angry/piqued and not smiling enough. Plus how she's not trying to insult me; that it's all for my own good. Oh yes! Not to forget ... I absolutely have no friends to speak of!

Lemme see, when was the last time she praised me? I remember she told me I was never very good at ballet (althought I am usually among the top in the class with several Honours to my belt). How I'm always to sulky and pessimistic? How I don't know how to talk to people (this one's partially true). Right ... she told me that she envied that she can't play as well as me on the piano during my last 2 hour stuggle to play a page of Chopin. Wonder if that's what she's talking about?

After I've finished helping her in the kitchen, I hightailed to the car to escape to the movies. Wanted to watch Star Trek - Nemesis. Got to Summit and even parked my car but didn't watch the movie.

I forgot my wallet.

Thank goodness I had enough coins to get out.

Just wasn't my day was it?

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