Thursday, November 07, 2002


YOUR PERFECT MATCH ... cosmo quiz result - I scored a 10

7 - 14 Your perfect match - PROFESSIONAL GUY
This guy is sophisticated and knows all about the finer things in life. He knows all the hippest restaurants and bars and knows how to woo you with his quick wit and charm. If you like a guy who can clinch a major business deal and has your wants and needs sussed, professional guy is your perfect match.

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your RSVP perfect match - Nicho.

Isn't he cute? :)

Also ... courtesy of astroGirl

Destiny number: 3

You've got an awful lot to express, so your life will involve several creative projects, either because you chase a hobby or interest that turns into your passion, or because you are lucky enough to end up in a job where you can show off your creativity. Having a Three Fate Number could turn you into an author, artist, musician or entertainer. You may find you have to make a choice between money and security, and the freedom to be yourself. It won't always be easy, but a boring job that turns you off could turn out to be your biggest life lesson. Three Name Numbers of Fate Numbers will link up to you.

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