Tuesday, November 05, 2002

The 3 Choir concert went on ok. Not fabulous but it didn't exactly tank. So that's good.

Some of us were only hoping that we'd not be singing to an empty room. I did wonder however if we would still sing if the room was indeed empty. They do say that 'the show must go on'. I'm only wondering if it would indeed go on with no one to perform to.

Prem came to watch on Friday. She bought a ticket. I offered her a complimentary ticket through an offline message in Yahoo. I guess she didn't go online prior to the show.

We went for supper after the show and I got stopped by the police on my way home. I'd forgotten to turn on my headlights and I just made an illegal U-turn. I didn't even see the group of police on the other side of the road and I U-turned right into them. Hence, I paid my first bribe. I really didn't want to actually but the policeman who stopped me was explaining something which I still can't understand what he was trying to say but in the end, he was quite obvious when he asked if you'd just like to pay here. So I did; cause I was still confused by his explanation and I couldn't be bothered trying to figure it out.

Watched Red Dragon with Mel on Saturday. I really liked it. Maybe I should go watch Hannibal. I have been avoiding Hannibal cause I didn't hear too many people who liked it. Maybe I would like it. Some critics didn't like Red Dragon but I did. Maybe I'd like Hannibal too.

Met up with Mel again on Sunday after my morning dance practise. I was free the rest of Sunday cause my partner had to work so no more practises. Yay! Although a little worrisome cause we haven't practised much for our upcoming competition. Urgh! I'm hating the lack of practise.

Anyway, had a drink with Mel at Dome before heading to my place. I offerred to show her my copy of the New York City Ballet Workout book cause she's considering buying that and the DVD.

Monday was dance practise, bithing about my dance partner during lunch and dress hunting for the dinner this Saturday. Still haven't found my dress yet. I need a dress for dinner. Could be a two piece. I'd like a bustier type top and wide long skirt but I'm not sure if I can carry that off. Haven't tried those before. Must fine a nice one to try it. Anyone know where I might find something like that? It'll be a plus if it's cheap. :) Oh! It's needs to be a little glittery as well cause the theme of the dinner is GLITTER.

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