Monday, April 15, 2002

Peer to Peer Review

I got reviewed by Mizerable/Zuleikha. It's all part of the peer-to-peer review project by two guys, Rasmus and Beau.

She says I don't blog regularly. :D I know. I know. Just can't seem to get myself to write in it day in and day out as I did when I first started out. I guess lure of a new toy's gone now. I will try and get myself to blog more often. There have been several things that happened the past two weeks that I should have written down so that I remember that those event actually happened. Lets see if I have the strength after choir tonight.

Confession time. I didn't do my review. I received the email for my assigned review blog but it just came at a period when was swamped. Am still kinda busy right now but not as much. So, I didn't do the review and the deadline's came and gone. Should I still do it?

I'll just place a plug to my assigned blog. Maybe I'll review it later ... if I can get myself to do it.

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